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1)   According to the passage, which of the following statements is not true?

a. Good books as well as good men always provide the finest company.
b. A good book never betrays us
c. We have sometimes to be patient with a book as it may bore us.
d. A good book serves as a permanent friend.
e. None of these
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ANSWER: We have sometimes to be patient with a book as it may bore us.

No explanation is available for this question!

2)   Where will the first Hyperloop be set up in India?

a. Mumbai-Pune
b. Pune-Nagpur
c. Pune-Bengaluru
d. None of the above
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ANSWER: Mumbai-Pune

Elon Musk-backed Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) Co-Founder Bibop G Gresta on Dec 6 said the company is ready to build Hyperloop between Mumbai and Pune.

The decision is left with Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari to go ahead with the project.

Hyperloop runs faster than an aircraft at a speed of 1,120 kmph.

Asked about the regulatory challenges to build Hyperloop in India, Musk cited government support.

The company has several options for raising money. One of them is to build the Hyperloop in Public-Private partnership.

Private investors are also interested in implementing the project.

3)   West Bengal fisheries department will give legal protection to which fish?

a. Rohu
b. Betki
c. Hilsa
d. None of the above
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West Bengal fisheries department has proposed to give legal protection to Hilsa Fish.

The aim is to arrest its dwindling population.

Fisheries department is speaking to the state home department to bring about provisions in CrpC and IPC.

With the formal introduction of the provisions, Hilsa will become the first fish variety in the country to get legal protection.

It will lead to arrest or fine anyone for selling, catching and buying small Hilsa.

Hilsa is commonly called “khoka ilish” in Bengal.

Hilsa fish is on brink of extinction due to decades of migration barriers, over-fishing and pollution.

Earlier as a protection measure, state government had declared five hilsa sanctuaries on the Hooghly river from Farakka to Sagar .

Covering a stretch of 250 km, here, fishing has been banned between June-August and October-December.

4)   Which of the following is/are true?

1) 100 per cent digitization of ration cards has been achieved.
2) All States/UTs have been asked to compulsorily enable cash transfer of food subsidy into the bank account of beneficiaries.

a. Only 1
b. Only 2
c. Both 1 and 2
d. Neither 1 nor 2
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: Only 1


  • The entire ration card database in all the States/UTs has been digitised.
  • For bringing transparency and to check leakages & diversion of foodgrains, States/UTs have been asked to opt for any of the two models of Direct Benefit Transfer – Cash transfer of food subsidy into the bank account of beneficiaries or fair price shop (FPS) automation, which involves installation of Point of Sale (PoS) device at FPS, for authentication of beneficiaries and electronic capturing of transactions.
  • The cash transfer of food subsidy is being implemented in 3 UTs namely Chandigarh, Puducherry and partially in Dadra & Nagar Haveli. For remaining areas, States/UTs have been requested to expedite the pace of FPS automation. Out of 5.32 lakh FPSs across the country, about 1.11 lakh FPSs have been automated.

5)   Hirsute

a. Shaggy
b. bald
c. erudite
d. glorious
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ANSWER: bald

Meaning: Hirsute is covered with or as if with hair.
Synonyms: Brushy, Fleecy
Antonyms: Bald, Furless, Smooth

6)   In given below has a set of three or four statements. Each set of statements is further divided into three segments. Choose the alternative where the third segment in the statement can be logically deduced using both the preceding two, but not just from one of them.

Statement - A. Many writers are not readers. All plumbers are writers. Some plumbers are not readers.

B. Boys play cricket. Some girls do not play cricket. Some girls are not boys.

C. All Humans live in houses. Some penguins live in houses. Some penguins are Humans.

a. A
b. B
c. C
d. B and C
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X – indicates there is no relation between the given elements.
syllogysm 1598 20

7)   The sum of four consecutive integers is 1290. The greatest of them is?

a. 321
b. 322
c. 323
d. 324
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problem on numbers

8)   CM of Andhra Pradesh, N. Chandrababu Naidu launched the NTR Arogya Raksha Scheme at?

a. Vijaywada
b. Kurnool
c. Medak
d. Guntur
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: Vijaywada

CM of Andhra Pradesh, N. Chandrababu Naidu on Dec 1 2016 launched the NTR Arogya Raksha Scheme in Vijayawada.

The scheme aims to provide medical treatment to APL or Above Poverty Line at INR 1200 premium per annum.

Medical insurance is for those not covered under existing state government health schemes.

NTR Arogya Seva has been already launched for BPL families.

Scheme provides medical treatment for 1044 health and medical ailments.

The scheme also provides treatment free of cost at both corporate and government hospitals.

A similar service was launched for employees and journalists through health cards.

Health care spending in the state is at 17% after 30 initiatives were launched in 2016.

Students of medicine, nursing, psychology and home science were also asked to improve public health through the Swasthya Vidya Vahini.

Highlights of NTR Arogya Raksha Scheme

  • As per the scheme, end-to-end cashless services will be provided for 1044 diseases under secondary care.
  • Also tertiary care through 432 government and private hospitals will be provided.
  • Scheme will offer INR 2 lakh and free treatment.
  • APL families will avail benefits by paying monthly installment of INR 100 per month/per person.
  • People can register for the scheme at Mee Seva centres till Feb 28, 2017.

9)   Resultant price of mixture of golden rice is Rs. 480 per kg. This mixture is made from two varieties of golden rice which are having price of Rs. 420 per kg and Rs. 520 per kg. What should be ratio of quantities of both types of golden rice?

a. 1:3
b. 1:2
c. 2:1
d. 4:1
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10)   Netherlands is hosting a festival of India at which cities in 2017?

a. Hague
b. Amsterdam
c. Rotterdam
d. All of the above
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A Festival of India is being organized in the Netherlands from 26 January – 27 March 2017.

The Festival will showcase diverse Indian culture.

These include classical and folk dances, music, and exhibition on handmade ethnically sourced silk clothes and accessories.

The events will be held in the cities of The Hague, Amsterdam, Rotterdam/Maastricht, Utrecht, Eindhoven and Groningen.

During the Festival, the following events will be showcased:

  • 13-member Kathak Dance by Aditi Mangaldas Kathak Dance Group
  • 15-member Bhojpuri Folk Dance from North Zone Cultural Centre
  • 4-member Classical Instrumental Music Group of Subhash Ghosh
  • 3-member Exhibition-cum-Demonstration on Handmade ethnically sourced silk clothes and accessories by Dr. Sanjay Kumar, Director, Sewa Bharat
  • 10-member Bharatnatyam Dance by Dr Sanddhya V. Pureccha.

  • Netherlands: Know More

  • The Netherlands is a country in northwestern Europe.
  • Capital: Amsterdam
  • Currency: Euro
  • Official languages: Dutch, Papiamento, Frisian
  • Government Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
  • Monarch: Willem-Alexander
  • Prime Minister: Mark Rutte
  • Legislature States: General
  • Upper house: Senate
  • Lower house: House of Representatives
  • Kingdom established: 16 March 1815
  • Constituent country: 15 December 1954

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