Should autistic children be sent to normal schools or special schools?

Should autistic children be sent to normal schools or special schools?

Should autistic children be sent to normal schools or special schools?

In the light of recent events where more than a few debates have flared up in different parts of the world for similar reasons, schools are left wondering if they need to frame special guidelines in regards to autistic children. Autistic children attending regular schools are being excluded from being a part of special activities and fun trips.

Autistic children are supposed to be treated as normal kids so that they don’t feel any less competent or humiliated in front of people. Treating them as abnormal children would only hamper their confidence and they would withdraw from people, try to keep distance from others and become reluctant to socialize. However, other children and mostly their parents fear that being with an autistic child will have adverse effects on them.

Many schools do not take in autistic children and make excuses like special children require especially skilled teachers to handle them. There seems to be a stigma attached to autism that people need to be made aware of in order to remove it from the lives of autistic children.

Normal school:

1. Violating human rights: When regular schools do not accept autistic children on excuses of various grounds, it is still a violation of human rights. It is important to understand that these children are also a part of our lives and we need to do what we could in order to make lives easier and better for them. Normal human treatment including education alongside regular kids could help autistic children realize their special potential and socialize better.

2. Getting rid of myths: While some autistic children develop multiple syndromes which require special treatment and education, it is a myth that every autistic child will have the same condition. An autistic child who doesn’t have syndromes like schizophrenia are completely apt for attending regular schools and other children need not worry about their reactions in any way. It is a big myth that autistic children could cause harm to other children.

3. Care and help: Studies have found that when autistic children attended school with regular children who were made aware of the syndrome, they actually took to caring and helping their autistic classmate. Not only did the child become more socially interactive but also contributed to awareness and removing the stigma surrounding autism from other children. There are so many autistic children in every country including ours that it is becoming very crucial to make them adapt to normal living.

4. Spreading awareness: Autistic children are bullied and teased because there is a social stigma about them being mentally retarded. This is untrue and spreading awareness is very important. Mostly, it had been found that these autistic children are especially talented or gifted in a particular field. Some are exceptional artists; others have implausible talent in music, etc. It is only when these children are made to feel like normal in normal schools, that they develop the confidence to pursue their skills. It is like talent lost and wasted when autistic children are kept aloof.

5. It is not a disease, yet is on a rise: It is important to understand that autism is not a disease that can be caught or spread, it is a syndrome caused by a difference of anatomic structure of the brain. It should also be noted that this syndrome is on a rise. Every year the number of children born with autism rises. The next autistic child could be born in your family and you will want to give him/her a normal life. It is time we become aware and appreciative of these children and give them the right to normal education and living.

Special school:

1. Special attention: Special children need more attention and in normal classrooms it becomes difficult, for the autistic child as well as for other children to learn properly. The teacher needs to give more attention to the special child and make him understand in the way he/she prefers. In this case the other children usually feel left out and are not able to concentrate well. In other situations it is seen that the teacher pays normal attention to all children in which case the special child is left clueless about the subject.

2. Disturbance: Most autistic children are known to need special attention and when they don’t get that they are known to scream and disturb others. Some are known to not be trained about their human needs at an age when other children of the class are well trained. They become the topic of humiliation and other children refrain from socializing with them. Why deny normal educational environment to an entire class for one special child?

3. They achieve better under special supervision: Special care and attention, special techniques of making them learn what is rather difficult for them can only be achieved in a special school. Autistic children are known to have special abilities in a specific field which must be made their special subject, to learn, grow and accomplish in that field. Moreover, they also need to feel comfortable in the beginning which is only possible in special schools where there are children who don’t judge them otherwise and teachers who are trained well.

4. It should all come down to what is good for the child: Society and media simply it as exclusion of an autistic child from the normal group of students. What they fail to see is that the exclusion in the beginning is actually good for the child. Instead of labeling issues we should be concerned about what the child actually needs – a normal environment or a special environment. If the child is more comfortable in a place where his needs are well understood, then so be it.

Autistic children are special - they need special care and attention to realize their talent and live a normal life. In a normal school where the other children treat them differently and bully one child, it could lead to serious damage in the minds of these special children. It should be better for the governments to make special provisions to have schools for these children in every state.
That being said, some children can go to normal school, a school where children and teachers are aware of the needs of the child. They can learn social skills and do well in life with the guidance and support of teachers and students. Only a school where awareness is possible, these children can be a part of the normal group.
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  • RE: Should autistic children be sent to normal schools or special schools? -Sindy (09/05/21)
  • Seejay.... based on your comment and attitude, I'm sure your child/children will grow up to be wonderful pillars of the community....... you are definitely part of what is wrong in this world.
  • RE: Should autistic children be sent to normal schools or special school -Appalled by adult stupidity (05/20/21)
  • Wow the ignorance of people with their hateful comments. You are what’s wrong with this world...these children have every right to go to a normal school if they can handle the curriculum.
  • RE: Should autistic children be sent to normal schools or special schools? -alesha manny (10/14/20)
  • NO they should not attend normal schools it sets a double standard for other students to feel outcast while tending to one students special needs. How is this ok for the majority of children to feel they have less rights then an autistic child. It is obvious that this has lasting effects on other children to be subject to autistic children's behaviour and shows children that kids with special needs can get away with acting saying or doing whatever they like without consequence completely double standard and wrong
  • RE: Should autistic children be sent to normal schools or special schools? -Seejay (12/04/19)
  • autistic kids are unfortunate defects leftover from the chemical era manufactured by (((them)))
    therefore why does my child have to suffer in class while your retard gets special treatment when they will never be a fully functioning member of society or have children.
  • RE: Should autistic children be sent to normal schools or special schools? -Shruti Shrabya (06/08/16)
  • Should autistic children be sent to normal schools or special schools?

    Autism is a kind of developmental disorder in children, characterized by their impairment, communications and behavior with the society.

    Many normal schools avoid admitting these kids and suggest the guardians to keep them under the guidance of proficient teachers who can tackle them.

    Normal School:

    It is not written in any rule book that autistic children cannot study with common children. They can also be taught in the same way as normal kids.

    If theautistic child is free from any syndrome, they are expected to attend normal schools.

    It is important to teach an autistic childhow they should adapt with normal children. This helpsthe former in their betterment in studies and other activities.

    Mostly, autistic children are born with some special talent, like, painting, dancing, etc. For instance, the child protagonist in the movie TaareZameenPar was shown as a victim of Dyslexia (a disorder involving difficulty in learning or interpreting words). It was depicted that he was good in painting. So, talents and skills help them to develop confidence.

    Special School:

    Kids suffering from autism require special treatment in normal classrooms. It becomes difficult for other students.

    Sometimes, their weird activities, like screaming, may scare and disturb other children.

    Yet, special supervision will make them feel comfortable in learning and accomplish particular field.
    Generally, in some schools autistic children are bullied by the normal kids, which affect them seriously.
    This behavior must be taken care by the teachers or staffs.

    Everybody should be aware that if, guided under proficient teacher, autistic child can also be a normal child.

    So, to make autistic children feel comfy, special guidance must be given by the teachers.