English model paper for Bank and MBA exams (Level - 1)


1. Rearrange the alternatives given between 1 and 6 labelled as ‘a to d’ to form a coherent paragraph.

i. Both visible and invisible solar radiation penetrates our skin’s surface, smashing into live cells.

A. This causes an electrochemical change by splitting off unpaired neutrons, called free radicals, from cell molecules.

B. This highly reactive agent produce toxic by-products that poison or irritate surrounding tissues and apparently contribute to the swelling and leakage of tiny blood vessels in the skin – a process we know as sunburn.

C. Thus, free radicals can impair cellular renewal in our bodies, hastening the aging process.

D. They may also damage the genetic blueprints cells used in reproducing.

vi. or worse, they may cause defective cells to proliferate – a condition that can turn into cancer.

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