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Rs.2,400-crore project to connect Andaman & Nicobar Islands and Lakshadweep : TRAI
Chopra Committee termed 77 dams in Uttarakhand in the ecologically fragile regions
Indian Army rode along Teesta on bicycles
Maharashtra government resolution on extending slum regularisation

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.Net Developer - 1-3 yrs, Delhi
Peoplesoft Developer, Delhi
ATG Developer, Bangalore

Group Discussion
Should Indian Government Invest More in SEZs?
Should Dhotis be allowed in clubs?
What kind of crisis is India facing – moral or economic?
You should do what you love doing
Should Drug testing or pre-employment drug testing be allowed at workplace?
What should be taught: Doing Good or Not to Do Any Evil?
Should schools not be responsible for safety of children in their premises?

Career Q & A
About optional subjects in civil services interview
Sari or salwar-suit during UPSC personality test
Coaching programs for civil services interview preparations
Which newspapers, magazines, TV channels are helpful in the UPSC interview preparation?
How should I prepare for the civil services interview
About higher study or job in the civil services interview
Will I be questioned about my service preference (IAF or IAS) at the time of interview?
Is it necessary to specify hobby in the main examination form? - UPSC interview
About copy of the application form for the main examination - UPSC personality test
About interview boards of UPSC personality test

MBA Reasoning test
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Current Affairs
Thailand To Become Top Rice Exporter
TRAI Recommends Sharing All Categories of Spectrums
Scientific Discovery: Sunflowers Track The Sun Using Internal Body Clock
Health Minister Says To Protect Rights of Gays
Mentally Ill People in India: Helpless In The Face of Abuse And Neglect
Abuse of the Elderly: Rampant in India

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Essays for competitive exams
If youth knew, if age could
Children should be encouraged to think independently

English Test
Selecting phrases and idioms - English grammar test
Selecting words - English grammar test
Sentence completion test - English grammar test
English grammar test - make it a grammatically correct sentence

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