Biztalk interview questions and answers

1.What is BizTalk?

Latest answer - The BizTalk Framework is a set of guidelines for driving the consistent adoption of XML to enable e-Commerce and application integration..............
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2. Explain Message Type (i.e. BTS.MessageType) and how is it used in BizTalk?

Latest answer - Messages in BizTalk are data, and each message must be of a selected message type. 
E-mail, Documents, InfoPath forms, large binary files, SQL records, flat files, and anything XML can be processed as messages.............
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3. Explain the difference between a Distinguished field and a Promoted Property.

Latest answer - The two ways to programmatically access an attribute or element in BizTalk are
Distinguished Field
Promoted Property............
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4. What is direct binding?

Latest answer - Direct binding in Biztalk Server 2004 can be used to send messages from one Orchestration to another and can also be used to send messages directly into the message box...........
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5. What is BAM? What is the purpose of BAM?

Latest answer - Microsoft documentation describes BAM as “Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) It is a collection of tools that allow us to manage aggregations, alerts, and profiles to monitor relevant business metrics.............
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6. What is the Rules Engine?

Latest answer - BizTalk Rules Engine provides a framework to enable the implementation, deployment, and versioning of your business logic in a quick and extensible manner. BRE can integrate with and complement orchestration............. 
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