Technical interview questions and answers

.NET Java C++ SQL Server Oracle
Programming Language Mainframe Web technologies Data warehousing Database
Networking and OS Software testing SAP Peoplesoft Mobile technologies
PHP and MySQL HR and personal interview Non-technical interview Finance and accounts Multiple choice questions

.NET and other Microsoft technologies - Technical interview questions and answers

ASP.NET Csharp.NET Linux VB.NET .NET web services
Ajax .NET Sharepoint .NET assembly ASP.NET caching
LINQ .NET crystal reports Biztalk VB.NET framework .Net code security
.NET mobile Microsoft solution framework-MSF Silverlight Microsoft access ASP.NET notes
Sharepoint WCF WPF

Java - Technical interview questions and answers

Java JQuery Java web services Hibernate Portal and portlet
Servlets Struts Tomcat Weblogic Java Threading
Spring Java design patterns Java server faces J2EE Ant
JDBC JBOSS Java transaction API Core java J2ME
JMS Swing AWT Java technical interview Internationalization localization JNI
Java GUI Framework  Java multi-threading JavaMail

C++ - Technical interview questions and answers

C++ C++ constructors C++ inheritance C++ exception handling C++ COM ActiveX
C++ pointers and functions C++ virtual functions C++ inline function C++ new and delete C++ Template
C++ access control C++ operator overloading C++ type checking VC++ C++ Containers
C++ Friend C++ References C++ Static Data C++ Syntax
C C pointers C function and pointers C preprocessor C Bit operations
C functions
Arrays Linked list Data link layer Sort and Searching

SQL Server - Technical interview questions and answers

SQL Server Database concepts Data mining SQL stored procedures SQL Server architecture
SQL reporting services SQL Server joins SSIS SQL server views SQL server transaction
SQL server triggers SQL server 2008 SQL server locks SQL server cursors SQL server indexes
SQL server replication SQL server service broker SQL server optimization SQL Server Functions SQL server constraints
SQL server XML integration 

Oracle - Technical interview questions and answers

Oracle Oracle AR Oracle D2K Database Optimization Oracle Apps
Oracle HRMS  Oracle AOL Oracle GL Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC)

Programming Language - Technical interview questions and answers

Oops UML Data structure SOA Ruby
Project management BPEL CMMI Six sigma Data structures trees
Teradata Progress ATL server Stack and queue Programming language
Embedded systems PERL Python Siebel Cloud Computing
More Interview questions  FORTRAN Delphi Cold Fusion Ruby on Rails
CGI Programming Pascal Lotus notes

Cloud Computing 

Cloud Computing Introduction to Cloud Computing Cloud computing architecture Cloud computing – Amazon Cloud Computing – MapReduce
Ubuntu Cloud

Mainframe - Technical interview questions and answers

MQ series CICS Mainframe

Web technologies - Technical interview questions and answers

JavaScript Ecommerce VBScript XHTML UI designer
Action script  W3C HTML DOM DNS Autocad
Web quality Web hosting Web browser XSL WMLScript
Web semantic Web security XSLT XML HTML5

Data warehousing - Technical interview questions and answers

Data warehousing Business intelligence Business object Websphere Microstrategy
Cognos OLAP Remotingnet DataStage  ETL
Abinitio  BO Designer Informatica Data Integration

Database - Technical interview questions and answers

SQL server Oracle Database concepts Database index tuning Database optimization
Sybase Informix Database partitioning SQL MySQL
Notification services Reporting services Sharepoint Biztalk RDBMS

Networking and OS - Technical interview questions and answers

Networking Basic networking Operating system Unix VPN
Application layer Ethernet networking Firewall CDMA OS memory management
Protocols SSL secured socket layer IP layer VLSI OS multithreading
OS process management Security Solaris Routers OS compiler linker loader
TCP layer  Windows programming WAP

Software testing - Technical interview questions and answers

Testing Database testing Functional testing Testing estimation Automated testing
Automation testing Software process Bug defect tracking Testing techniques LoadRunner
Web Security  WinRunner Rational Robot Silk Test Test Directory
Test Metrics Software quality assurance, QA Software quality control Rational functional tester Manual testing
Performance testing Web testing Testing interview for experienced Testing interview for freshers Quality center

SAP - Technical interview questions and answers

SAP Basis SAP business workflow SAP Netweaver SAP SD SAP Security

Peoplesoft - Technical interview questions and answers

Peoplesoft-Admin Peoplesoft HRMS Peoplesoft Basic Peoplesoft Security Peoplesoft Tools

Mobile technologies - Technical interview questions and answers

Android iPhone Blackberry 3g WIFI
Wireless communication GPRS GSM Mobile computing

PHP and MySQL - Technical interview questions and answers


HR and personal interview

Personal interview HR interview FAQs HR general HR recruitment
Job interview tips Human Resources HR grievance handling Human resource planning HR interview for experienced
HR Motivation  HR interview for freshers HR development Interview HR Lay-off Sample HR interview
Technical support interview Call Center interview tips Phone interview Bank Personal interview

Non-technical interview

Training and development Public relations Brand management Job interview Marketing communication
Marketing BPO Advertising Call center Mass communication
Interview tips to analyse strength  Dos and Don'ts of CV writing Handle gap in your employment Questions candidates can ask Cracking an IT interview
SEO Leadership Teacher Visa interview

Finance and accounts

Budgetary Depreciation Marginal costing Balance sheet Bank reconciliation
Cost element Double entry system General accounting Material cost Profit and loss
Uniform costing MBA finance Finance general Accounting Basic accounting
Finance and accounts Ledger Banking Payroll Retail

IBM tools

IBM Tivoli AIX MAXIMO Netcool/Omnibus WAS
WILEY TDS Service Request in Maximo Incident in Maximo ITIL
Data Center TPAE




Geography International Relationship Political Science Sociology Statistics

Marketing Interview

Internet Marketing Sales Share Market Strategic Marketing Telemarketing

MBBS Interview

Anatomy Biochemistry ENT Gynecology Medicine
Microbiology Nursing Orthopaedics Pharmacology Physiology
Psychiatry Radiology Surgery Veterinary

Commerce Interview

Accountancy CA CS Economics ICWA

Computer Graphics

Open GL Visualization


Compression Standard Flash GIF Animation Gimp Gnuplot Programming
Graphics Matlab Media Multimedia Compression Photoshop
Scientific Visualization SMIL SVG Telecommunications


8085 8086 A+ and Basic PC Basic Input Output System CD-ROM drive
Central processing Unit Computer Architecture and Design Electronics Floppy disk Hard Disk
Hardware and Software Design Hardware Design Intel Microprocessor Motherboard Random Access Memory
X86 Zip Drive

Servers Interview

Groupware Servers Web Logic Server Zend

Science Interview

Anthropology Astronomy Biology Chemistry Ecology
Embryology Geology Immunology Mathematics Metallurgy
Pathology Pharmaceutical Physics Psychology Zoology/Botany


Civil Engineering Mechanical Engineering Electrical Engineering Electronics Communications Chemical Engineering
Aeronautical Engineering Bio Engineering Industrial Engineering Instrumentation Automobile Engineering
Mechatronics Engineering Marine Engineering Engineering test questions Computer Science

Business Management

Business Administration Marketing Sales Personnel Management Hotel Management Industrial Management
Infrastructure Management IT Management
Oracle Database Microsoft Java and advanced java  Programming
Design and analysis Networking Operating system Data warehousing Web
Testing Management accounting Application server Mainframe Programming language
Wireless communication Data communication Mobile application UI Designer Embedded systems
Oracle Apps SAP Peoplesoft Financial management


Virtualization VMWare Virtual Box QEMU
KVM Microsoft virtual server OpenVZ Citrix xen desktop Virtuozzo
Virtual Iron Simics Citrix


.NET test VB.NET test ADO.NET test C#.NET test C#.NET practice test
Csharp.NET quiz Sharepoint test Sharepoint quiz Java Programming Test Java Online Exams
Java online quizzes Java Mock Test EJB Quiz JDBC Quiz Java Applet Quiz
Struts Quiz Servlets Quiz Java Web Services Quiz Javascript Online Test Business Intelligence
Cognos Online Test Analysis services Test Business object Test OLAP Test ReportNet Test
Microstrategy Test Websphere Quiz Solaris Quiz SAS test Weblogic certification test
SQL server Test SQL server Quiz Database Online Test SQL Server DBA questions Datawarehousing test
Biztalk Test Networking Test Iphone Test Android Quiz Wireless Communication Test
OS test Linux Test Linux Quiz Linux Certification C Online Quiz
C++ Online Test C++ certification C++ objective Test Data Structure test Perl Online Test
VC++ Online Test OOPS Test Embedded systems Test PMP Practice Test PMP Sample Test
Software Engineering Test PHP Online Test DHTML Online Test CSS Quiz MySQL Online Test
VLSI Online Test XML Quiz UML Online Test HTML Practice Test Oracle Online Test
Oracle Certification Oracle DBA Test Oracle PL SQL Test Oracle Replication Online Test Oracle Architecture Online
Oracle Transaction Online Testing online test Testing sample questions Software Testing Quiz

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how to buy testing question answer video

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Error in test C# Test

21. What is accessibility modifier “protected internal”?
You answered: It is the least permissive access level

Correct answer: It is available to classes that are within the same assembly and derived from the specified base class.


'Protected internal' does not mean protected *and* internal, but protected *or* internal!

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A video hub of C++ tutorials

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Technical questions on C# and .Net Framework

I have been working in industry from 4+ years. So far this is the best question answer which I saw. These are actually useful in day to day programming and justified to be asked in an interview, refers to best practices and most imp thing is answers at the end of each mock test.

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Technical questions

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Technical interview questions with answers

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Technical interview

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Technical interview questions and answers

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