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? What is important - money or work? (2) How should I respond, which should I choose, money or work? Which reply would please the interviewer? Posted by: Guest
? Why do you feel yourself to be a good candidate for this job? (2) How would you rate yourself on a scale of 10? Why do you feel that you are a good candidate for this job? Because I am in badly need of a job, but that honestly didn’t get me selected. What should be my reply? Posted by: Guest
? What is your Dream job? (2) I have often been asked my dream job. I am at a situation, totally exhausted and in extreme requirement of a job. Can’t even dream of anything fascinating. Please help me with an appropriate response. Posted by: Guest
? Have you ever been fired? (2) An interviewer politely asked me whether I had ever been asked to leave any organization in the past. Actually yes, I had once been falsely framed for misconduct. But I don’t want that false blame on me to reflect on my job. What should I do? Posted by: Guest
? Would you retire now if you have enough money? (2) What should be the perfect answer when the interviewer asks my intention to retire with enough money at hand? Posted by: Guest
? Interview Questions on feelings about people from minority group (2) How to frame the response that how I feel working with the minority group? I feel everyone to be equal. Posted by: Guest
? Are you a team player? (2) The interviewer wanted to know whether I am a team player, the answer is a ‘yes’. But how to frame this reply? Posted by: Guest
? Not possessing the relevant experience (2) I have applied for a similar profile in the management role. However I don’t have experience in the profile of same kind. What experience should I list out? Posted by: Guest
? Most difficult thing being a manager (2) What are the difficult things that can be enumerated being a manager or an executive? Posted by: Guest
? Why are you not earning more? (2) If the interviewer seeks reason for my lesser package in comparison to similar profiles in industry, how should I defend my repute? Posted by: Guest
? Opinion and thoughts for the current boss (2) The interviewer asked me my feelings and thinking for my current employer / my boss. How should I express? Posted by: Guest
? Question on goals and targets in interview (2) The interviewer enquired me for my recent goals that I have set. What should I talk about? Posted by: Guest
? Last book read, hobbies (2) When asked for the last book read, can I give the name of novel or should that be anything else. And what hobbies should be talked about. Would my hobbies matter in my selection process? Posted by: Guest
? What held you back in your previous organization? (2) I had been asked whether I had thought of changing job before this and what held me back from a job switch over? Posted by: Guest
? Longer stand in last company. Why no switch over? (2) The interviewer was curious about my longer service of 11 years in my last company. the way he put forth 'why no change over so long' seem as if he had doubt regarding my potential. What should be an apt reply to this? Posted by: Guest
? What can you do differently? (2) I was asked about my performance parameters and then asked what different can I do if I am offered to choose my career as per my requirements. What could be a smart answer to this question? Posted by: Guest
? Handling a larger company (2) I work in a smaller sized company having some 200 employees and the one I applied was a considerably larger organization. I being in the managerial role, my previous interviewer asked whether I could handle a larger unit and somehow not convinced by a simple ‘Yes’. How to give a convincing reply? Posted by: Guest
? Qualities you look for in new profile or company (2) An interviewer asked me if I am given my choice of companies or profiles, what qualities would I look out in them? Posted by: Guest
? Criteria for seeking a job change (2) When the interviewer seeks my criteria to look out for job change and asks my personal and family interest in my move, how should I reply? Posted by: Guest
? Time required to move from the current company (2) I need to give 2 months notice to the current company which can be done by 2 months salary, but I would require a week’s time to submit and transfer my work. What would be the appropriate way to seek a week’s time to join the new organization? Posted by: Guest
? Evaluating a candidate as a hiring manager (2) When interviewer gives me the situation as a hiring manager and asks me how would I evaluate a candidate, how should I approach this question? Posted by: Guest
? Too experienced for the profile (2) How to react when the interviewer asks my opinion calling me too experienced for the given profile? Posted by: Guest
? Should I hire a candidate who could be beneficial at some role in future? (2) If I find a candidate having talent in some other profile that could benefit the organization in future, should I hire the person now, being the hiring manager? Posted by: Guest
? Which is better – long or short interview? (2) Which interview gives a better scope of getting hired – a longer one or the one wrapped up briefly? Posted by: Guest
? Should I join after the grueling interview (2) When the interviewer exhausts me completely before selecting me during the interview, should I join the organization? The same interviewer being my manager might stress me out in future. Posted by: Guest
? How to respond to leading questions? (2) When interviewer asks leading question like 'You know Open Office, right? etc.'; how should I respond - a yes or no' or shall I be honest in my knowledge? Posted by: Guest
? Importance of first impression in getting hired (2) First impression is the best one. But is it true that I lose the job if I slip while answering my first question? Posted by: Guest
? Strategy to interview a nervous candidate (2) As an interviewer, should I possess any soft corner for a nervous candidate? Posted by: Guest
? As a hiring manager, company briefing during interview (2) While interviewing the candidates, can I provide a brief introduction of the organization and its functioning or it should be expected from the candidates to possess some basic knowledge about the company? Posted by: Guest
? Advantages of joining coaching for SSB Interview (2) I am a science graduate and trying for SSB. I get through the written part every time but unable to clear their interview. Would it be a good option to join any coaching institute specially for SSB Interview? Posted by: Guest
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