Cracking an IT interview


Cracking an IT interview - 10 things you need to do

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The software market is growing. The opportunities for people wanting an employment in this field are also growing but the main concern of employers now is the employability of the candidates. Here are some tips to make your self employable and crack the interview to your dream job.

With the businesses becoming more technology focussed, the software development market is growing everyday. This calls for more and more people to be employed in this industry. So, the opportunities for people wanting to work in a software profession are growing but at the same time growing is the concern of recruiters over the employability of the candidates. 

Whether you are a fresh candidate or someone with experience, it is extremely important that you should be able to impress the recruiter. The recruiters get a number of applications from people seeking the employment for every position they advertise. So, if you have already received an interview call, make sure that you are able to prove your metal in the first round of interview to make it to the second round. 

Here’s a list of 10 things which will help you in doing just that:

1. Prepare yourself for aptitude tests, skill tests, on the spot programming:

The interview process at most of the places these days comprises of a test to check your aptitude, vocabulary, technical skills etc. You may also be required to do some on the spot programming. Most of the people get eliminated in this round itself for lack of preparation. If you want to really get the job, you need to prepare yourself well to clear this round of interview.

Click here to practice the sample skill tests, aptitude tests, vocabulary tests. 

2. Show your communication skills:

One of the most important qualities recruiters look for in candidates is their ability to communicate clearly. This means – how good is the candidate at explaining and understanding things. Software development is more of a team work wherein you are required to interact regularly with your team and people from client’s team. So, it is extremely important that you know the common language well – which in most cases is English. So, ensure that you work on your English by regularly reading the newspapers and other good books. Also, make sure that you are well prepared to take up a vocabulary or grammar test if the need arises during the interview.

Click here to practice the sample vocabulary and grammar tests. 

3. Be confident and humble:

Show your enthusiasm and confidence during the interview but since you will be required to work in a team it is extremely important to be humble and pleasant to work with. This is one of the qualities recruiters would definitely want to see in a candidate.   

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confidence and interviews

if you try to bullshit during an interview, you'll never get in. You're not clever, just stupid.

chuck 07-3-2013 01:12 AM

I.T interview

Well,how to prepare for first interview

Ravi 06-15-2013 08:07 AM

IT interview

Plzz give me some guide lines

Ankit 05-1-2013 02:32 AM

regarding interview

if you can't convince about any question, confuse other person with your confidence .

Sohaib 12-22-2012 02:08 AM

regarding interview

we dont know that whether our answer is correct or,we have to give our smart answers..

eswari.M 10-1-2012 08:34 AM


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