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What is Requirement Traceability Matrix?

The Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM) is a tool to make sure that project requirement remain same throughout the whole development process. RTM is used in the development process because of following reasons:

- To determine whether the developed project is meet the requirements of the user.
- To determine all the requirements given by the user.
- To make sure the application requirement can be fulfilled in the verification process.

What is difference between Pilot and Beta testing?

The differences between these two are listed below:

- A beta test when the product is about to release to the end user whereas pilot testing take place in the earlier phase of the development cycle.

- In beta testing application is given to a few user to make sure that application meet the user requirement and does not contain any showstopper whereas in case of pilot testing team member give their feedback to improve the quality of the application.

Describe how to perform Risk analysis during software testing?

Risk analysis is the process of identifying risk in the application and prioritizing them to test. Following are some of the risks:

1. New Hardware.
2. New Technology.
3. New Automation Tool.
4. Sequence of code delivery.
5. Availability of application test resources.

We prioritize them into three categories these are:

- High magnitude: Impact of the bug on the other functionality of the application.
- Medium: it can be tolerable in the application but not desirable.
- Low: it can be tolerable. This type of risk has no impact on the company business.

What is Silk Test?

Silk Test is a tool developed for performing the regression and functionality testing of the application. Silk Test a tool is used when we are testing the applications which are based on Window, Java, web or traditional client/server. Silk Test help in preparing the test plan and management of those test plans, to provide the direct accessing of the database and validation of the field.

What is difference between Master Test Plan and Test Plan.

The differences between Master Plan and Test Plan are given below:

- Master Test Plan contains all the testing and risk involved area of the application where as Test case document contains test cases.

- Master Test plan contain all the details of each and every individual tests to be run during the overall development of application whereas test plan describe the scope, approach, resources and schedule of performing test.

- Master Test plan contain the description of every tests that is going to be performed on the application where as test plan only contain the description of few test cases. during the testing cycle like Unit test, System test, beta test etc

- Master Test Plan is created for all large projects but when it is created for the small project then we called it as test plan.

How to deal with not reproducible bug?

A bug cannot be reproduced for following reasons:

1. Low memory.
2. Addressing to non available memory location.
3. Things happening in a particular sequence.

Tester can do following things to deal with not reproducible bug:

- Includes steps that are close to the error statement.
- Evaluate the test environment.
- Examine and evaluate test execution results.
- Resources & Time Constraints must be kept in point.

What is the difference between coupling and cohesion?

The difference between coupling and cohesion is discussed below:

- Cohesion is the degree which is measure dependency of the software component that combines related functionality into a single unit whereas coupling means that binding the related functionality into different unit.

- Cohesion deals with the functionality that related different process within the single module where as coupling deals with how much one module is dependent on the other modules within the application.

- It is good to increase the cohesion between the software whereas increasing coupling is avoided.

What is the role of QA in a project development?

The role of Quality Assurance is discussed below:

- QA team is responsible for monitoring the process to be carried out for development.
- Responsibilities of QA team are planning testing execution process.
- QA Lead creates the time tables and agrees on a Quality Assurance plan for the product.
- QA team communicated QA process to the team members.
- QA team ensures traceability of test cases to requirements.

When do you choose automated testing over manual testing?

This choice between automated testing over manual testing can be based upon following factors:

1. Frequency of use of test case
2. Time Comparison (automated script run much faster than manual execution.)
3. Reusability of Automation Script
4. Adaptability of test case for automation.
5. Exploitation of automation tool

What are the key challenges of software testing?

Following are some challenges of software testing:

1. Application should be stable enough to be tested.
2. Testing always under time constraint.
3. Understanding the requirements.
4. Domain knowledge and business user perspective understanding.
5. Which tests to execute first?
6. Testing the Complete Application.
7. Regression testing.
8. Lack of skilled testers.
9. Changing requirements.
10. Lack of resources, tools and training.
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