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Which account is created on Linux installation?

- With the installation of Linux, a super user account is created called as ‘root’.

Which daemon tracks events on your system?

- The syslogd daemon tracks the system information and saves it to specified log files.

Which command would you use if you want to remove the password assigned to a group?

- gpasswd – r removes the password from the group.
- Here, the gpasswd changes the password of the group and when it is accompanied by –r, the password gets removed.

You wish to print a file ‘draft’ with 60 lines to a page. What command would you use?

- The command that I would use is: pr -l60 draft
- The default page length when using pr is 66 lines.
- The -l option specifies a different length.

Which file would you examine to determine the levels of messages written to system log files?

- kernel.h

You are logged on as a regular user. Without logging off and logging on as root, you are required to create a new user account immediately. How would you do it?

- This can be achieved by issuing the su command.
- This will prompt you for the password of the root account.
- Providing the password, logs you in as root. Now, you can perform any administrative duties.

You are required to restore the file memo.ben. It was backed up in the tar file MyBackup.tar. Which command would you use to do it?

- The command that we would use is: tar xf MyBackup.tar memo.ben
- It uses the x switch to extract a file.

What is partial backup?

- When you select only a portion of your file hierarchy or a single partition to back up, it is called partial backup.

What is the fastest way to enter a series of commands from the command-line?

- Write the commands, each separated by a semi-colon. Press enter after the last command.
- The semi-colon would inform the shell that multiple commands are being entered at the command line, to be executed serially.

What are the qualities of soft links?

a.) Soft link files have different inode numbers than source file
b.) The soft link file will be of no use if original file is deleted.
c.) Soft links are not updated
d.) They can create links between directories
e.) They can cross file system boundaries
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Minimal linux partitions
Contrary to popular belief, you can setup linux with ONE partition, root, or /. You don't strictly need a swap partition. It might be a really bad idea to not have one, but it is not required. I have one server that has been running for a few years with no swap partition. If you are going to leave out the swap partition, you really had better know what you are doing.
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What is the minimum number of partitions you need to install Linux?
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