Java web services interview questions and answers

Java web services interview questions and answers for freshers and experienced candidates. Also find Java web services online practice tests to fight written tests and certification exams on Java web services. In this section we have covered almost all Java web services questions that might be asked during an interview.

1.Explain each web service technologies - SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, eBXML and JAX pack.

Latest answer: SOAP: Simple Object Access Protocol is a protocol that is used to exchange structured information at the time of implementing a web service. SOAP is relied on XML. Message format of SOAP usually relies on................
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2.Explain the technologies included within JAX pack, i.e. JAXP, JAXB, JAXM, JAX-RPC, JAXR.

Latest answer: JAXP: Java API for xml processing. It provides the validation capability and parsing XML documents. There are three basic parsing interfaces in JAXP are DOM, SAX and Straming API for XML STAX...................
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3.Explain the web services architecture.

Latest answer: The operations between different software applications, which are running on a variety of platforms and frameworks are supported by a standard called Web services. The web services architecture provides the....................
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4.What are smart web services?

Latest answer: A smart web service understands the situational context and capable of sharing the context with other services. The result of this web service is based on the needs like who, what, when, where it was called...................
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5.What is Web Services?

Latest answer: Web Services are the components that provide functionality via internet, uses standard protocol such as HTTP. Web services use SOAP to expose functionality which is an XML-based protocol.............
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6.What is SOAP?

Latest answer: SOAP is an XML-based protocol that enables 2 components to communicate each other. It has the rules to translate platform specific data into the XML format...............
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7.Explain JAXR

Latest answer: JARX is a standard API that are used to access XML registries (list of services available on the web) from the JAVA platform....................
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8.Explain JAX-RPC.

Latest answer: JAX-RPC uses SOAP to call remote procedures................
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9.Define Web Services.

Latest answer: Web services exposes functionality over internet using protocol such as HTTP. Web services can be accessed by two disparate applications from different platforms as they use SOAP protocol to expose the business functionality..............
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10.Define UDDI, DISCO and WSDL.

Latest answer: UDDI, Universal description, discovery and integration
It is the directory that is used to publish and discover public web services..............
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11. What are the steps to get a proxy object of a web service at the client side?

Latest answer: Following are the steps to get a proxy object of a web service at the client side.
Access UDDI node for a list of web services..............
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12.Explain JAXM messaging models.

Latest answer: JAXM messaging models has two types of messaging model, synchronous and asynchronous...............
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OFBiz Service Engine

Defining and creating a Java service
Service parameters
Special unchecked (unmatched) IN/OUT parameters
Security-related programming
Calling services from code (using dispatcher)
IN/OUT parameter mismatch when calling services
Sending feedback; standard return codes success, error and fail
Implementing Service Interfaces
Synchronous and asynchronous services
Using the Service Engine tools
ECAs: Event Condition Actions

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