20 autocad interview questions and answers


Autocad interview questions and answers

1. What is the purpose of AutoCAD software?
2.What are the uses of AutoCAD?
3.What is the main purpose of AutoCAD?
4.What are the file formats used in design? - AutoCAD
5.What is the function of vertical integration? - AutoCAD
6.What is the use of variants in AutoCAD?
7.What are the differences present in the software’s features? - AutoCAD
8.What are the features involved with the AutoCAD WS?
9.What are the different ports used in different OS? - AutoCAD
10.What is the procedure to create user interface? - AutoCAD
11.What is the procedure to draw a line more than one time and save it automatically? - AutoCAD
12.What is the procedure to remove the empty layers? - AutoCAD
13.What are the steps need to be taken to replace the buttons on toolbars with smiley? - AutoCAD
14.What are the features being corrected by AutoCAD?
15.What are the steps to enable the drag and drop feature in AutoCAD?
16.What are the steps involved in setting up the default drawing directory? - AutoCAD
17.What is the procedure to copy the dimension styles from one drawing to another? - AutoCAD
19.What are the steps involved in copying a closed drawing? - AutoCAD
20.What is the way to hide the specific layers when plotting? - AutoCAD

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