HTML Interview Questions and Answers - Freshers & Experienced

Do all HTML tags come in pair?

No, not all HTMLS tags come in pair. For e.g. <img>, <br>

What are some of the common lists that can be used when designing a page?

Some of the common lists that can be used are:

a) Ordered list
b) Unordered list
c) Definition list
d) Menu list
e) Directory list

What is the advantage of collapsing white space?

- The browser collapses the multiple white spaces into a single white space in HTML.
- This allows the developers to arrange the HTML code in a well organized and legible format.

Is it possible to list elements straight in an html file?

- Yes, it is possible with the use of indents.

Does a hyperlink apply only to text?

- No. The hyperlinks can be applied to both text as well as the images.
- It means that even the images can become clickable links with a capability to take the visitor to the next page.
- This can be done simply by using <a href> tag.

What hierarchy is being followed when in style sheets?

- Inline style takes priority over embedded style sheets.
- Embedded style take priority over external style sheets.
- If a single selector includes three different style definitions, the definition that is closest to the actual tag gets the priority.

What happens if the list-style-type property is used on a non-list element like a paragraph?

- Here the property will be ignored without having any effect on the paragraph.

What is the advantage of using frames?

- Frames make it easier to navigate through a site.
- The links that appear in the frame can appear through out the site.

How can I hide my source?

- No. you can’t hide your source as it is required by the browser to display your document.

How will you align a table to the right or left?

- To align the table to the right, you can use <TABLE ALIGN="right">
- To align the table to the left, you can use <TABLE ALIGN="left">
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Web technology
1.w3c stands for?
2.who is the maker of www?
3.create the table within the table in html? will you load multiple pages on a one page?
5.what is meta tag?
6.difference between div tag and frame?
7.what does span tag to?
8.what is the latest web version?
9.can we add videos on our html page?
10.what is target attribute? What is the destination of target attribute?
Shubham jain 10-20-2015
QUESTION - A few lines in an HTML paragraph are to be formatted differently from the rest of the lines. Which tag will assist in this?
Correct answer is span
Greg Ledger 05-14-2015
W3C stands for...?
World Wide Web Consortium...
Aradhya 04-13-2015
HTML interview questions and answers
How will you display a picture in background of HTML?
By using the tag: <body style="background-image:url(image path)">

How will you blink text in IE6?
By using the tag: <blink>Blink this text</blink>
Rahul 12-5-2011
HTML interview questions and answers
How many color names are recognised by HTML?

How would you center a table in HTML?
<div class="center">

What are the tags to create lists in HTML?
<ul> - unordered list
<ol> - ordered list
Anupam 12-5-2011
HTML interview questions and answers
I want to link an image to something. How do I do that?
Use the image as the link content: <a href=...><img src=... alt=...></a>

Syntax for marquee tag.
<marquee>Marquee this text</marquee>
Preeti 12-5-2011
HTML interview questions and answers
How can I create a link?
<a href ="....">Link this</a>
shipra 12-5-2011