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C pointers interview questions and answers for freshers and experienced candidates. These interview questions and answers on C pointers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the interviews and quickly revise the concepts. Many candidates appear for the interview for one role - many of the them give the right answers to the questions asked. The one who provides the best answer with a perfect presentation is the one who wins the interview race. The set of C pointers interview questions here ensures that you offer a perfect answer to the interview questions posed to you.

C Pointers interview questions


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Compare array with pointer.

The following declarations are NOT the same:
char *p;
char a[20];........................
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What is NULL pointer?

A null pointer does not point to any object..............
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  1. Describe pointer in brief.
  2. What is a void pointer?
  3. List the difference between pointer and array.
  4. Define NULL pointer.

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