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Explain the services provided by Common Language Infrastructure.

Latest answer: Common Language Runtime, Common Type System, Type Safety, Managed Code Execution, Side-by-side execution..............
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Explain the components of common language runtime.

Latest answer: Class Loader, MSIL, Code Manager, Garbage collector, Security engine, Type Checker, Thread Support, Debug engine, Base class library, Exception manager, COM Marshaller.............
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Describe the managed execution process in .NET

Latest answer: Steps in managed execution process: 1. Compiler needs to be chosen 2. Convert the source code to MSIL now known as CIL.............
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Explain how the .NET Framework performs automatic memory management.

Latest answer: Automatic memory management involves two major steps: Allocation of memory - When a new process is initialized, runtime reserves address space in memory for the process. This address space inside the memory is known as heap. At the very initial stage, the pointer is at the base address of managed heap.............
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What is Finalizer? Explain how to implement it.

Latest answer: It is a method that is executed when an object is garbage collected. It is similar in function to a destructor. It keeps the memory managed by taking appropriate an action against an object that is released or is no longer in use...............
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Explain the difference and similarity between a class and a structure in VB.NET.

Latest answer: Both the class and structure are user define types. 
Both are the template of the object. 
Both contain members like methods, properties, fields and use contractor for initialization..............
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What is implicit cast and explicit cast in .Net?

Latest answer: Implicit cast allows conversion without any loss of data and it takes place only when there is no possible of loss of data............
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Imperative and declarative security.

Latest answer: Imperative security is implemented by calling methods of Permission objects in code at run time. 
Declarative security is configured by attaching attributes representing permissions to classes and methods..................
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Define Anchoring and Docking in .NET.

Latest answer: Docking treats the component location as absolute and disregards the component size. So if a status bar must always be at the bottom no matter what, use docking...........
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Define Garbage collector in .NET.

Latest answer: GC is automatic memory reclamation.
It is low-priority thread that always runs in the background of the  application............
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Define Assembly in .NET.

Latest answer: An assembly that can be shared by multiple applications. To make an assembly a shared assembly, first assign it a strong name, and install it to the global assembly cache...........
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Describe user interface design in .Net.

Latest answer: Major elements of a user interface include forms, controls, and menus
A good user interface pays attention to the following considerations:..............
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Define form in VB.NET.

Latest answer: Forms are the primary unit of the user interface. 
Design of the form should be consistent, complete, and attractive visual interface.........
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Define Context menu in VB.NET.

Latest answer: It is useful for enabling access to commands in a variety of contextual situations 
It is created using ContextMenu control...............
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Validation in VB.NET.

Latest answer: You haveForm-level and Field-level validation.
Form-level - Validates all fields on a form simultaneously..................
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TextBox control properties in VB.NET.

Latest answer: Textbox control has several properties that restrict the values users can enter.............
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Keyboard events in VB.NET.

Latest answer: Keyboard events allow you to validate keystrokes.
They are raised by the control that has the focus and is receiving  input............
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What are the major components of .NET framework?

Latest answer: Common Language Runtime: It helps in application execution, allocation and reclamation of memory, enforces type safety............
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Define reference type and value type.

Latest answer: A value type holds the data assigned to it. A reference type contains the pointer i.e. memory address that holds the data...............
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Define constructors and destructors.

Latest answer: The constructor sets default value to the class and runs when the class is initialized. The destructor runs when an object is being destroyed by GC to reclaim memory.........
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What is the use of Command builder?

Latest answer: Command builder generates insert/update/delete commands for data adapter based on select command. Automatic creation of insert/update/delete commands hinders performance..............
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Explain the significance of Import and Using statement.

Latest answer: To have same names declared and used in one or more namespaces, import aliases can be used. In C#, ‘using’ defines the scope of an object. It also obtains resources...................
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Explain the use of following COM+ services

Latest answer: When an application needs to be scaled up for heavy transactions, the server resources can be used efficiently using Just-in-Time (JIT) activation - an automatic COM+ service..........
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Define Shared member of the class.

Latest answer: It is member of the class which can be access without creating instance of the class. It belongs to the class and not to the instance of the class............
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What is visual inheritance in VB.NET?

Latest answer: Visual inheritance allows deriving forms from the base form with common controls.................
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Define extender provider component.

Latest answer: It provides additional features to the controls. ErrorProvider, HelpProvider, and ToolTip components are the examples of extender provider................
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How can we perform transactions in .NET?

Latest answer: a. Call the BeginTransaction. This marks the beginning of the transaction.
b. Assign the Transaction object returned by BeginTransaction to the Transaction property of the SqlCommand..............
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Command objects uses, purposes and their methods.

Latest answer: Command objects are used to execute the queries, procedures. Sql statements etc. It can execute stored procedures or queries that use parameters as well. It works on the basis of certain properties like ActiveConnection, CommandText, CommandType, Name etc. .........
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Difference between dataset and datareader.

Latest answer: Dataset
a. Disconnected
b. Can traverse data in any order front, back.
c. Data can be manipulated within the dataset.
d. More expensive than datareader as it stores multiple rows at the same time............
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NET Mobile overview.

.NET Mobile is a platform for developing applications for mobile phones. It’s an extension to .NET Framework and is called Microsoft Mobile Internet Toolkit................

Overview of the .NET Compact Framework

.NET Compact Framework is a scaled down versions of .NET framework for supporting Windows CE based mobile and embedded devices like mobile phones...............

Difference between LINQ and Stored Procedures.

Difference between LINQ and Stored Procedures: Stored procedures normally are faster as they have a predictable execution plan. Therefore, if a stored procedure is being executed for the second time, the database gets the cached execution plan to execute the stored procedure...............

Disadvantages of LINQ over Stored Procedures

Disadvantages of LINQ over stored procedures: LINQ needs to process the complete query, which might have a performance impact in case of complex queries against stored procedures which only need serialize sproc-name and argument data over the network............

Overview of VB 2008

Following are the VB.NET questions that might be asked in an interview.

What is versioning in .NET? Explain its importance
Where is the version information stored on an assembly?
How do we get version information from the AssemblyInfo file?
Can you write the namespace to load assemblies at runtime?
Is it possible to allow a class to be inherited but prevent the method from being overridden? If yes, explain it
What happens in memory when you box and unbox a value type?
Differentiate between a panel and GroupBox.
Where would you use abstract class and interface?
Show in code to insert a TextBox value into Sql database using VB.NET coding.
Differentiate between windows and console application?
How does garbage collector work?
Explain how to connect crystal report using vb.net
What is JIT (Just in time) and how it works?
What are the types of threading models in VB.NET? Explain them
What is an indexed property? Explain it with a code sample
What is the difference between Dataset and Recordset?
Difference between a readonly variable and a constant variable
How do we read and write data to an XML file?
Explain how to get the environment information in VB.NET.
Difference between Array and array list
How to store and retrieve images in SQL server database through VB.NET?
What is the difference between string and stringbuilder?
Difference between .dll extension and .exe extension files
What are jagged arrays?
Difference between Web.Config and Machine.Config
Explain how to send xml file on server using HTTP protocol.
Explain Anonymous type and its features.
How do we write data to a text file in VB.NET?. 

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.NET crystal reports
How do we access crystal reports in .NET? What are the various components in crystal reports? What basic steps are needed to display a simple report in crystal?..........

.NET Code Security
What is code security? What are the types? | Define Principal object. | Define declarative and imperative security. | Define role-based security. | Explain code access security. | What is Code group? | Define the use of Caspol.exe........

.NET Debug & Trace
What is break mode? What are the options to step through code? | Debug Vs Trace. | Define trace class. Define Listeners collection of Trace and Debug objects. | Define Trace Switches.........

.Net Framework
Explain the .Net Framework. | Describe the .Net Framework Architecture. | What are the components of the .Net Framework. | Explain the role of assembly in the .Net Framework. | Describe the GAC in the .Net Framework...........

.Net web service
What is XML Web Server? | Describe the Components that help locate and consume XML Web Service. | Describe the process of communication between Client and Web Service..........

.Net Framework
Explain the .Net Framework. | Describe the .Net Framework Architecture. | What are the components of the .Net Framework. | Explain the role of assembly in the .Net Framework. | Describe the GAC in the .Net Framework.............

.NET Assembly
Define .Net Assembly. | What does an assembly contain? | Define a private assembly and a shared assembly. | What are Satellite Assemblies? | What do you understand by side-by-site execution of assembly? | How do you create a resource-only assembly? | Explain how to retrieve resources using ResourceManager class. | Define Strong Name. | How do you apply a strong name to assembly? | Define Global Assembly Cache. | How do you install assembly to the Global Assembly Cache?................

.NET Assembly
Define .Net Assembly. | What does an assembly contain? | Define a private assembly and a shared assembly. | What are Satellite Assemblies? | What do you understand by side-by-site execution of assembly? | How do you create a resource-only assembly? | Explain how to retrieve resources using ResourceManager class. | Define Strong Name. | How do you apply a strong name to assembly? | Define Global Assembly Cache. | How do you install assembly to the Global Assembly Cache?.............. 

Understanding Anonymous Types
Anonymous types defined with var are not VB variants. The var keyword signals the compiler to emit a strong type based on the value of the operator on the right side. Anonymous types can be used to initialize simple types like integers and strings but detract modestly from clarity and add little value..............

What Is ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX?
AJAX-style communications between client and server. This communication is over web services. Asynchronous communication. All client-to-server communication in the ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX framework is asynchronous................

Problems ASP.NET Solves
Microsoft developed ASP.NET, which greatly simplifies the web development methodology...........

ASP.NET issues & options
The truth is that ASP.NET has several issues that need to be addressed...............

Potential benefits of using Ajax
AJAX makes it possible to create better and more responsive websites and web applications...............

Potential problems with AJAX
Search engines may not be able to index all portions of your AJAX application site...............



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