30 database testing interview questions and answers


Database testing interview questions and answers

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1.What is Database testing?

Latest answer: Database testing involves testing the behavior of the database when the application is being tested. This may involve testing to see if values are being inserted properly, flags are changing...............
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2.What are ways of writing test cases for database testing?

Latest answer:

  • The backend tables used for each requirement must be mentioned.
  • Behavior of each flag and their status updates must be written................
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3.What are the different stages involved in Database Testing?

Latest answer:

  • The data that is being inserted in the database must be verified.
  • Verify if the constraints are maintained.................
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4.Explain how to test data loading in database testing.

Latest answer: The data from source tables to target tables in terms of data types and constraints must be verified. The number of rows of source and target tables must be compared..............
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5.Explain how to test a SQL Query in Winrunner.

Latest answer: Using Output database checkpoints, SQL manual queries options must be selected. Here, the select query can be written.................
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6.Explain how to test database Procedures and Triggers.

Latest answer: The input parameters and output parameters must be known. EXEC statement can be used to run the procedure to examine the behavior of the database...................
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7.What steps does a tester take in testing Stored Procedures?

Latest answer: The tester should call the stored procedure in the backend using the EXEC command. Here, if any parameters are required, they must be passed. Different values of parameters must be passed to confirm if the stored procedure is executed or not....................
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