Routers interview questions and answers


Routers interview questions and answers

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What are the basic components of routers? 

Latest answer: Components of Router: Internal components: ROM:- Used to store the routers bootstrap details, operating system software. Flash memory: - holds the operating systems images. The content is retained when the router is restarted..................
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What is Routing table?

Latest answer: A routing table stores the routes of the various nodes in a network. Nodes can be any electronic device connected to the network. The table is usually stored in a router or the network computer as a database or file.................
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What is Routing Protocols?

Latest answer: Routing protocols are used to assist in achieving the basic purpose of routing. They specify the routers the method to communicate with each other. They help the routers select the best possible path between nodes....................
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What is Distance Vector Routing Protocols?

Latest answer: The main goal of Distance Vector Routing Protocols Is to find out the best path for he data packet to reach the destination. Distance here could be the hops..................
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Describe the basics of internet routing.

Latest answer: When a source sends a packet to a destination, this packet has a specific path or route it follows. Different routing protocols are used to find the shortest path to the destination. The protocols maintain routing tables.................
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