HR interview questions and answers for freshers

As a fresher, you often experience a lot of anxiety before you go to attend an interview. The solution to this anxiety is good preparation. Here are some interview questions which you can expect to be asked during your HR interview with a way to answer them:

Did you face any difficulty in finding this place?

The interviewer usually asks this question to initiate the talk and put the candidate to ease. You can smile and answer this question by saying: “It wasn’t difficult to find this place.”

Tell me something about your self.

This is the most commonly asked first question in any interview and the one which can set a ground for rest of your interview. Include details like: Your education background (not beyond 12th standard), some information about your family – father’s profession, mother’s profession, number of siblings (no need to get into their educational details) and some information about your extracurricular activities or hobbies.

Why does this role interest you? Or why have you applied for this job?

The purpose of this question is to see if you are really interested in this job or you applied to this job just because you are jobless. Relate the job requirements with your candidature and explain why do you believe you are a suitable candidate for this job.

Why do you think should we take you for this job?

This is another way of asking the last question. A company will want to hire you if you can add some value to it. So, focus your answer on your skills and how they can be helpful for the position you are being interviewed for. Also, tell them about your ability to grasp new things quickly, adjust well into a team and flexible attitude. These are the qualities that employers usually seek in a fresh graduate.

Remember to keep an example ready for each personal quality you offer.

Are you an Introvert or Extrovert?

Being on either of the extremes at work can be bad for you and the company. Your behaviour at work should be as per the requirement. To answer this question you can say something like: I behave as per the requirement of the situation. For e.g. If I am representing the company at an event which requires me to talk to a lot of people, I become an extrovert while if there is some serious issue under discussion, I think quietly and deeply on it.

What is your greatest strength?

This is also one of the most commonly asked questions in any interview. Your answer to this question demonstrates your preparation for the interview. Your same set of strengths can not be an advantage in every interview. This needs you to tailor make your answer as per the requirement of the position you are being interviewed for.

Before every interview, analyse the requirements of the role carefully and list out the qualities required to perform that role. Now, make a list of the qualities you have and match them with the requirements. You can offer these qualities as your strength for the role.

What do you want to achieve in the next 5 years?

This answer shows your ability to make plans for yourself, have an ambitious but realistic plan:

- Say you would like to acquire certain skills and move up the ladder
- If you are interested in Management, say you would like to take up a part-time course/full time course in x years time.

Would you be open to change your project/profile when required?

This is very important for a company, they want employees who are willing to change roles, to meet business demands, so the typical answer here is “Yes”. Say “I understand it will be in best interest of the business, if my manager wants me to develop my skills and take up another role.”

What skills do you want to develop to succeed in this role?

Again talk about some key skills that are necessary for the role, this will show them that you are ready to learn and are aware of your shortcomings.

Tell them that you, as a fresher, have the ability but require formal training to enhance your skills for a professional environment

Are you planning to go for further studies?

This answer needs to be answered tactfully, they want to know whether you are going to stay for long or you are just there to use their training resources and then say goodbye in 6 month’s time.

- If you are pursuing further studies, say so. Tell them why you want to go for that course
- If you are taking up a distance education course or a part time course, they should know, as you will need to take leaves when you appear for exams
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