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Java part 1 (39 questions)
Java part 2 (40 questions)
EJB (20 questions)
JDBC (20 questions)
Applet (20 questions)
Struts (21 questions)
Servlets (20 questions)
Java web services (20 questions)
Javascript (40 questions)
Java part 3 (22 questions)

Core Java  (72 questions) new
-By Pradip Patil, Lecturer IIMP MCA

Java  (20 questions) new
-By Pradip Patil, Lecturer IIMP MCA

These tests include Java topics such as

Arrays Data types Casting
Classes and methods Garbage collection Loops
Threads Applets Database programming
Exceptions Operator Overloading and overriding
Abstract class Java input and output Sockets
Latest Java interview questions and answers

Why does Java have different data types for integers and floating-point values?
Explain why we don’t need to use new for variables of the primitive types, such as int or float
Can we pass a primitive type by reference in java? How
Why should we catch super class exceptions?
When should we create our own custom exception classes?
Enumerations vs final variables in java.
Explain the difference between protected and default access.  

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Career 12-19-2011 04:55 AM

Java multiple choice questions

Java questions are good and quite interview oriented. Most of the questions are frequently asked during an interview

Nishi 11-5-2011 08:38 PM

Java multiple choice questions

Which of the following statements is false as far as different type of statements is concern in JDBC?

Regular Statement
Prepared Statement
Callable Statement
Interim Statement

To execute a stored procedure “totalStock” in a database server, which of the following code snippet is used?

Statement stmt = connection.createStatement();stmt.execute("totalStock()");
CallableStatement clbstmnt = con.prepareCall("{call totalStock}");cs.executeQuery();
StoreProcedureStatement spstmt = connection.createStoreProcedure("totalStock()");spstmt.executeQuery();
PrepareStatement pstmt = connection.prepareStatement("totalStock()");pstmt.execute();

Nitin 11-5-2011 02:48 AM

Preparation for Java multiple choice questions

New Java interview questions
Explain the different section of JDBC and their usage.
Can you explain SQLException class? What is SQL State in SQL Exception
Can you explain CallableStatement interface in details?
Explain how to do batch updates using CallableStatement interface.
Explain the architecture of a Servet package.
Explain different Authentication Options available in Servets.

Java interview questions and answers

Ronnie 11-5-2011 02:45 AM

Java multiple choice questions

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New Java test - Multiple choice

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