What is Dataset object? Explain the various objects in Dataset


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Dataset object in ADO.NET

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Dataset object in ADO.NET - March 26, 2009 at 15:00 PM by Amit Satpute

What is Dataset object? Explain the various objects in Dataset.

The DataSet object is a disconnected storage.
It is used for manipulation of relational data.
The DataSet is filled with data from the store
We fill it with data fetched from the data store. Once the work is done with the dataset, connection is reestablished and the changes are reflected back into the store.

Dataset has a collection of Tables which has DataTable collection which further has DataRow DataColumn objects collections.
It also has collections for the primary keys, constraints, and default values called as constraint collection.
A DefaultView object for each table is used to create a DataView object based on the table, so that the data can be searched, filtered or otherwise manipulated while displaying the data.

Dataset object in ADO.NET - June 06, 2009 at 10:00 AM by Shuchi Gauri

What is Dataset object? Explain the various objects in Dataset.

The DataSet object represents imported or linked data from an application e.g. manually created Pushpins etc. This object is invalidated once the application is closed. Dataset contains another collection known as DataTable object. Each DataTable contains a collection of DataRow objects and each DataRow is a collection of DataColumn objects.

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