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Aspect-Oriented Programming, AOP

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Aspect-Oriented Programming, AOP interview

Explain the concepts and capabilities of Aspect-Oriented Programming, AOP.

Latest answer: AOP concepts: Aspect: A cross cutting modularization across multiple objects. Aspects are implemented by using regular classes...........
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What is Aspect in AOP?

Latest answer: Aspect is a program segment that cross-cuts the core concerns of the application. For instance, after logging, different functional concerns of different modules are to be performed............
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AOP approach addresses Crosscutting concerns. Explain

Latest answer: Security: The security implementation, specifically authorization, the use of a popular and flexible security framework can be used in enterprise applications, namely, Acegi. Acegi security simplifies implementing the authorization in applictions in a flexible manner.............
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The components of AOP are advices/interceptors, introductions, metadata, and pointcuts. Explain them

Latest answer: Advice / Interceptor: An object that intercept the invocation of a method before its execution. Interceptor embodies the behavior to add or remove or replace the functionality of infrastructure. Perfect pluggability without changes need for business logic is provided by Interceptor..............
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Latest answer: AOP : Addresses cross cutting concerns, Code creation is clear. Reusability of code is at a great extent. Properly separates business logic into reusable code.................
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Similarities between AOP and OOPs.

Latest answer: Both extends and alter the behaviour of code.
Adding new behaviours or replacing completely the original behaviour...............
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Advantages of AOP and problem solved by AOP.

Latest answer: The following are the advantages of AOP: Code layering, Cross-cutting concerns, Code adjusting...............
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AOP concurrency

Concurrency is the system's ability to act with several requests simultaneously, such a way that threads don't corrupt the state of objects when they gain access at the same time.........

Transparent caching with AOP

To get better results in terms of speed and resources used, it's suggested to use a cache. We can store in it the results corresponding to the methods' invocations as key-value pairs: method and arguments as key and return object as value................

Security with AOP

Once a user is authenticated and has roles, he or she can work on the application and perform the actions permitted by an access control list, which according to the user's roles allows certain operations................ 

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Here, we will learn to apply nice formatting to data that is displayed on our page. We will learn to do this by making use of Cascading Style Sheets. We will also learn how to format our data automatically, depending on the data values (a technique known as conditional formatting). Then we will learn to filter and sort our data, use formulae to perform calculations, and how to split our data up into multiple pages.


What is the relation between Classes and Objects? Explain different properties of Object Oriented Systems. What is difference between Association, Aggregation and Inheritance relationships? Explain the features of an abstract class in NET. Difference between abstract classes and interfaces Similarities and difference between Class and structure in .NET Features of Static/Shared classes. What is Operator Overloading in .NET?.............

What is object oriented programming (OOP)?

The object oriented programming is commonly known as OOP. Most of the languages are developed using OOP concept. Object-oriented programming (OOP) is a programming concept that uses "objects" to develop a system.........

What are the various elements of OOP?

Various elements of OOP are.........

Explain an object, class and Method.

An object is an entity that keeps together state and behaviors. For instance, a car encapsulates state such as red color, 900 cc etc and behaviors as 'Start', 'Stop' etc., so does an object...............

Define Encapsulation and Information Hiding in OOP.

Encapsulation means keeping actions and attributes together under a single unit. This can also be understood using a motor bike example. A bike has actions such as 'switch on light', 'horn' etc. and attributes such specific color, size, weight etc..............

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