What does extern mean in a function declaration?


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What does extern mean in a function declaration?

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C++  - What does extern mean in a function declaration? - April 16, 2009 at 13:20 PM by Vidya Sagar

What does extern mean in a function declaration?  

An extern function or a member can be accessed outside the scope of the .cpp file in which it was defined.

A variable, function or declaration that is defined with extern, allows to make the usage f variable, function by the remaining part of the current source file. The declaration does not replace the definition. The declaration of function or a variable is just to describe their use external to the current file.

In case one identifier is declared with file scope, and an identifier that is declared external with the same name within a block refers the same object. In case no other identifier exists at file scope then the identifier will be linked to the external file.

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