Explain CEBR,CEMT,CEDF,CECI Transaction commands

CICS - Explain CEBR,CEMT,CEDF,CECI Transaction commands posted by Prashant Rajoria
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Explain CEBR,CEMT,CEDF,CECI Transaction commands

CEBR:CICS-supplied Temporary Storage Browse transaction. It displays the content of Temporary Storage Queue (TSQ).

CEMT: CICS-supplied Extended Master Terminal transaction. It displays or manipulates CICS control environment interactively.

CEDF:CICS-supplied Execution Diagnostic Facility transaction. It provides interactive program execution and debugging functions of a CICS programs.

CECI: CICS-supplied Command Interpreter transaction. It verifies the syntax of a CICS command and executes the command.

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