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Purpose of a bootstrapper application

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.Net - purpose of a bootstrapper application - August 29, 2008 at 15:00 PM by Amit Satpute

What is the purpose of a bootstrapper application?

A bootstrapper eases the installation of the various required components for an application. It provides a simple, automated way for detecting, downloading, and installing applications and their required components. It also detects whether a component is supported on an operating system. 

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Explain the use of encapsulation with an example using C#.NET.

Encapsulation hides the internal state and behavior of an object. Encapsulation if used with access modifiers such as private, public, protected. It provides a way to protect data..................

What is the role of data provider in ADO.NET?

The .NET data provider layer resides between the application and the database. Its task is to take care of all their interactions.............

Define abstract class in C#.NET.

Abstract class cannot be instantiated.Same concept in C++ known as pure virtual method.............

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