Advertising is a waste of resources

Advertising is a waste of resources

  • Advertising gets the consumers close to the products.
  • People are aware of the pros and cons of a product. They can make their own decisions of what’s good for them.
  • Creates job opportunities for many people.
  • Advertising is a mean of promoting goods. Since more people become aware, there is more revenue.
  • Advertising on TV is a big relief from the daily tele soaps that have nothing but drama.
  • Advertising plays an important role in passing information such as AIDS, contraception etc. people are aware of health disorders and how to overcome them.

Spending so much on advertising is not called for.
  • Instead of this, money can be spent on other issue like poverty etc.
  • Most of the celebrities that are endorsed don’t even use the product. It is simply to mislead the consumer.
  • Most of the children products like games; chocolates are simply to lure children even though the product may not be healthy.
  • By spending a lot of money, the brand producers are not even bothered whether or not their product is being sold or not.
  • Most of the times, the advertisements are not even ethical. To promote their product, the advertisement can go against any other product of some other brand.

Most of the times advertisements spend so much of money on flashy videos, images, animation etc without having the need to help consumers realize how economical can the product be.

Advertising, to summarize is acceptable. Although, it does not make sense to spend a lot of time and money by endorsing big celebrities, end of the day, what matters is the product not the ambassador. People, due to curiosity may even try and use the product, however, not for a long time. As long as the consumers are aware of the “facts”, advertising is fine.
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Advertising is a waste of resources.
Advertising is indeed a waste of resources . Here simply celebrities are endorsed for the promotion of goods because people often get lured to buy and use the product and it mostly happens in case of ignorant people who simply buys and uses the poduct without knowing the facts. But these advertisements wont stop therefore people need to understand and deal with products accordingly. But advertisements do make us familiar with new goods in the market which is very important to break the monotony of usage of products .
Aditi Bose 03-29-2016
Advertising is way beyond selling Product
Advertising is done not only with the objective of selling product.It creates long term impression in the minds of the consumer.A picture is worth of 1000 words.
Through Advertising not only products are sold, but knowledge is also shared.Lets take a live example just because of advertising of this site we can share our views and thoughts.So it helps in increasing our knowledge & creates awareness in the society.
Bhavit Salvi 02-3-2012
Group Discussion- Advertising is a waste of resources
Advertising is not waste of resources, in opposite sense it is the proper utilization of resources, as it allow users to make good decisions about the products and give them proper information. Advertising keep the information short and simple for people to understand and make a decision about it. It also help people to be aware of the product which they are buying or product which they are going to use in future. Advertising is a way to pass sensitive information like adult content, AIDS etc. to make people aware of the consequences. It also allow goods to get promoted in a right way to make it more interactive for the user to see. It provides helpful and educational content to the people which help to increase their knowledge.
Hemant Sharma 01-8-2012