Arranged marriage is better than love marriage


Arranged marriage is better than love marriage

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-Rajmeet Ghai

The most convincing reason that proves arranged marriages is better than Love marriages would be Statistics! In most cases, couples who had an arranged marriage are more understanding towards each other.


  • In an arranged marriage, first few years of the marriage are spent in knowing and understanding the person. There is a sense and demand of spending more time with each other.
  • In a love marriage, before the marriage, the couple shares a very different level of understanding. This understanding when tied to social obligations expected once married, are difficult to obey.
  • It is easy to adjust with the partner in an arranged marriage as compared to love marriage. This is because in a love marriage things may often be taken for granted.
  • Since the partners have never met before, in an arranged marriage, they care more about each others needs.
  • Arranged marriages help resolves domestic issues faster. There is a sense of fear of loosing the partner.
  • For some unforeseen reason, the marriage does not work; there are many people who will support more.
  • In most cases, love marriages force the couple to stay away from family. This leaves them with no choice but to tackle their own problems.


  • In today’s busy lives no one has the time to understand each other after marriage.
  • Arranged marriage, most of the times works on compromises. In a love marriage they were in love even before the marriage and hence compromises are less.
  • In an arranged marriage, social obligations can get frustrating at times.
  • Love married couples learn how to become independent since most of the times they are separated and hence are able to tackle their problems.
  • A comfort level has already been developed between the couple.
  • Expectations from parents are less since most of the times decision of marrying is usually initiated by the couple.

Whether it is love or arranged, trust, understanding and commitment is what drives towards a successful marriage.

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Love Marriage is Better Than Arrange Marriage

In my Point of view, love marriage is best.In love marriage we Can select the best Partner for our life,We can understand each other fully before get marriage.But in arrange Marriage Its difficult to select our better life partner,becos after marriage only they can understand each other. More over, Arrange marriage demands , a dowri.In love marraige its a benefit.Love marriage Wouldnt expect any dowri, they expect only love til their life end.
Love marriage gives a confident to survive our life without anyone help.They can tackle our problems their self easily.The main thing in love marriage is ,it cant see the caste at all. But in Arrange Marriage it expects the caste,status, Assets..But love marriage it expects only a good life partner.Its gives a self confident , and how to manage in difficult situations.Comparing with arrange marriage love is best in all the sides.

jansi 03-9-2015 07:30 AM


Arrange marriage is better tha love marage both of these have prones and cones..but i prefer arrange marage.

wasim raja 03-7-2015 10:43 PM

Don't fall for Love marriage.

I have already been facing that trauma of love marriage. We have dated for couple of years, then eloped. But she did'nt mentioned to me about her mental problem before. She becomes mentally unstable sometimes and eat as hell. My bank account is depleting and i have nowhere to complain my parents kicked me out when we returned to my home with her. Even her parents don't want to take her back.

Sulaiman Siddique 07-22-2013 07:52 AM

love marriage is better than arranged marriage

Love marriage is a better option than arranged marriage....marriage is actually a bond between two people... it needs trust,understanding and marriage gives a wide scope of knowing each other,to understand each other...which lacks in arranged marriage....this is a case where they are bound to adjust with each other even though they are not liking each is actually imposing one over another...albeit this is not always the same case ...but it is quite love marriage is much better than arranged marriage.....

arnabi 03-27-2013 04:28 AM

love marriage.......

lover marriage gives the couple the freedom to speak out what they feeling, as in case of arrange marriages the two have to understand each other and if they fail in doing so, it may ruin their whole marriage life,........

love marriage has the benefit, because the two already know each other and understands their partner's feeling wellllll

suresh devtulya 02-24-2013 03:12 AM

arrenged marriage

In an arranged marriage, first few years of the marriage are spent in knowing and understanding the person. There is a sense and demand of spending more time with each other.Arranged marriage, most of the times works on compromises. In a love marriage they were in love even before the marriage and hence compromises are less.

Narendrareddy 10-23-2012 05:12 AM

Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage?

At the onset, I believe that the term ‘love marriage’ is a misnomer – is it that arranged marriages are devoid of love? Of course not! In fact, all marriages are an ‘arrangement’ between two people, with a promise to ‘love’... [Read more at -]

Anoop 10-19-2012 06:19 AM


Thanx alot. It was very helpful...

Anuprita 10-6-2012 02:40 AM

Group Discussion- Arranged marriage is better than love marriage

Love marriage is better than arrange marriage. Arrange marriage over a period of time becomes a burden on the couple whereas in love marriage the bond grows stronger as they already understand each other. A couple can live an independent life in love marriage but there are many restrictions, both social and economical in arrange marriage. Love marriage has very less or no complications as there is already a comfort level present between the couple.

Hemant Sharma 01-7-2012 06:40 AM

Group Discussion - Love marriage: Arranged marriage

With fall in the ratio of girls to boys and increase in the requirements girls put across while choosing their life partners, it is becoming increasingly difficult for parents to find a suitable match for their sons.

In many families, parents have given their children liberty to choose their partners. This itself is an advocate for love marriage.

Mahesh Deshmukh 11-8-2011 06:03 AM



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