Freedom of press should exist

Freedom of press should exist


Whenever the word “press” is heard of, the immediate thought is news and updates!
  • When the primary job of press is to report news, there should be no restrictions.
  • India is a democratic country. The media and press should be given all the rights to publish the truth. This way people will not be blind folded.
  • It is said that voice of press is voice of public. No freedom given to press is suppressing public’s voice.
  • Media creates awareness about violence and social issues. This brings in a fear in people.
  • In this era of so many technological advances, competition etc. press cannot be restricted of what needs to be written. Their primary job is to inform people about updates.
  • Press brings up social and religious issues., it helps citizens realize their moral duties.

Media is known to create hype!
  • The hype and propaganda created by media can hurt sentiments of many people.
  • Most of the issues covered by media are that of entertainment and politicians. The most important issues of farmers, poverty take a back seat.
  • To increase the ratings of the newspapers, gossips from the entertainment industry are given more importance.
  • If not restricted, it might bring issues like inter community misunderstanding, violence amongst youngsters etc.
  • Domestic issues and crimes are over hyped that may provoke young children.
  • The use of words and superlatives may be de motivating for a large number of people.
To summarize, anything in excess can be harmful. If the media knows where to draw a line there will be no need for any restriction. If the content written is appropriate and does not hurt sentiments of any community, freedom to media should be given.
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Group Discussion- Freedom of press should exist
Yes, freedom of press should exist. Freedom of expression is the fundamental component of a democracy and it is the fundamental right in a democracy. The press should have the freedom to run any kind of stories that they want, barring the one that are defamatory to religion or engage in any kind of sedition.
J S Mill, the famous laureate defends the freedom of expression by giving four points-:
1- That the views expressed may turn out to be truth.
2- If the view turns out to be false the truth will be revalidated.
3- If the view should still be expressed, will lead to an inquiry into the existing truth.
4- The minority views may be suppressed.

So, banning the freedom of expression would be despotic and would be annulation of china’s iron fist rule.
Hemant Sharma 01-7-2012
Group Discussion - Freedom to press
Freedom to press is important as it helps in displaying the sentiments of common man but media must act responsibly and use its freedom in a socially responsible way.
Devesh 11-8-2011