Movies are harming our society


Movies are harming our society

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-Rajmeet Ghai


Gone the times when parents and elders were ready to watch the movie with their children! With the more western perspective, it is becoming seamlessly difficult for our culture to accept Hindi movies.

  • Keeping aside the action and drama, the vulgarity depicted knows no bounds.
  • India has always been known for its culture. However it’s rare to find movies based on any culture.
  • Thanks to the media and the hype created of the celebrities personal lives, youngsters get influenced in the wrong way.
  • The movies that depict extreme violence, murder cause mental harm to children.
  • Teenagers become easy fashion victim of the skimpy dresses worn.
  • Most of the movies show extreme drama which may hurt sentiments of people.
  • The comedy movies, most of the times over do the humor by making a mockery of reality.

Even though a majority of the movies are extremely entertaining, focus should be on culture, religion etc without hurting the sentiments of any community. 


Hindi movies can possibly be the best medium of entertainment. If made well, they can be easily used to educate the society on several issues.

  • India being one of the largest movie producing country and due its wide acceptance, Hindi movies can be easily used to portray India’s art and culture.
  • Most of the country’s population watches Hindi movies; hence it generates revenues rather than harming the society.
  • They can be an excellent source of refreshment for stress.
  • Even though the actors wear skimpy clothes, however, not in reality. The movies should not always be taken seriously. It is not necessary that each Hindi movie needs to pass some message to society.
  • Violence has existed for years now. Hence blaming the Hindi movies for depicting and encouraging violence is not fair.
  • As a matter of fact, the movies depict that good always wins over evil.

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movies are harming our society

i think its our prospective to think about the nature of movies. It is true that vulgarity has increased but the other side also shows that movies also encourage for doing good for our nation.

kanishak kesarwani 01-20-2015 12:54 PM

about the movies.....

the movies in this mordern generation is affecting people's mind with evil thoughts, by causing people to do unncessary activities .etc etc., infact ., the movies should be based on culture and religion without affecting the others religion.. so that people can come to know the basic understanding of being in the human life...

sweta 09-18-2013 11:05 AM

I agree Hindi Movies are making bed impression to the society

I agree Hindi Movies are making bed impression to the society. Bollywood produces movies in bulk every year but not with the quality... It's very simple to say about the stories... there are one Item Song, Gang War, Sex & Violence in our in the movies..
- The people who is getting financing for the Third Class Movies from Dubai or any other middle east countries (underworld) must be band by the govt.
- From my point of view like hollywood... Bollywood should also follow the classification & rating based on different age groups. eg. PG, PG-13, rated R etc.
- Indian Censor Board should be controlled by the orders of PM directly... Any single movie cannot be released without checking the quality and approval process not from Censor Board but from Prime Minister or Any of high command directly.

Samtal 06-6-2013 12:10 PM

hindi movies are harming our society

Its definitely not harming our society and its not trying to compare with western culture its us who made them do so if we calculated among us how many of us would preferably watch a boring and lengthy hindi movie against a special effects english movie,dont blame on film industry if they dont than the industry ultimately collapses and they have to suffer not us..........

deepak negi 12-31-2012 11:29 PM

Hindi films are harming our society.

Yes, I agree that hindi films are harming our society.

sam 10-29-2012 05:09 AM

Group Discussion- Movies are harming our society

Movies nowadays are putting bad influence by showing lots of content with westernized touch in it. The culture is being thrown out of proportion as more and more movies are concentrating on corruption, sex and violence. The vulgarity in the movie has increased due to more modernization and by seeing the western culture. There is a competition going on with the western culture to match there cinema with ours. Media further hyped the movies which are influencing the youngesters in a wrong way. Movies nowadays harming the growth of teenagers as more and more are learning the bad habits being shown in the movie like drinking, smoking etc.. Movies are causing more and more stress and harming the mental situation of children. Today humor has also taken the western shape and it looks embarassing to watch it with parents and other people of elder group.

Hemant Sharma 01-10-2012 12:55 AM

Group Discussion- Hindi movies are harming our society

Hindi movies are definitely harming our society. The vulgar content shown in the movies have increased a notch or two. Smoking scenes are only shown if an actor is doing an action stunt or if there is 'cool' background music playing. Also the roles are male centric, movies are very biased and denigrated women which eventually trickles down in society.

Hemant Sharma 01-6-2012 01:45 PM

Movies - group discussion

Depends on the type of movie. Vulgar scenes and double meaning dialogues definitely harm the society especially young children but there are many movies which encourage us to think from new perspectives.

Ankita Bansal 11-8-2011 06:51 AM



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