Differences between analysis patterns and design patterns


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Differences between analysis patterns and design patterns

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Java design patterns - differences between analysis patterns and design patterns - March 15, 2009 at 18:00 pm by Vidya Sagar

What are the differences between analysis patterns and design patterns?

Analysis pattern are targeted for domain architecture, where as design pattern are targeted for implementation mechanism for some of the aspects of the domain. Analysis patterns are functional oriented and of high level.

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What are primitive type wrappers classes? Explain the purpose of primitive type wrapper classes.

Primitive type wrapper classes or simply wrapper classes are available in java.lang package for providing object methods for all the eight primitive types. All the wrapper class objects are immutable.................

Is C++ access specifier called protected is similar to Java’s?

The java access specifier ‘protected’ is placed proceeding the member of the class and the access control is applicable only for that particular definition...............

String objects are immutable in java. Explain how to create a string that can be changed.

A string object that is created using “String” class is immutable. The characters of the object can not be changed / modified. There are some methods, such as split(), substring(), beginsWith() etc................... .

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