Linux - What is Kernel? Explain the task it performs.

Linux - What is Kernel? Explain the task it performs. - August 21, 2008 at 22:00 pm by Rajmeet Ghai

What is Kernel? Explain the task it performs.

Kernel is used in UNIX like systems and is considered to be the heart of the operating system. It is responsible for communication between hardware and software components. It is primarily used for managing the systems resources as well. 

Kernel Activities:

  • The Kernel task manager allows tasks to run concurrently.
  • Managing the computer resources: Kernel allows the other programs to run and use the resources. Resources include i/o devices, CPU, memory.
  • Kernel is responsible for Process management. It allows multiple processes to run simultaneously allowing user to multitask. 
  • Kernel has an access to the systems memory and allows the processes to access the memory when required. 
  • Processes may also need to access the devices attached to the system. Kernel assists the processes in doing so.
  • For the processes to access and make use of these services, system calls are used.   
Linux - What is Kernel? Explain the task it performs - May 11, 2009 at 16:00 pm by Vidya Sagar

What is Kernel? Explain the task it performs.

Kernel is the component that is responsible for managing the resources of a computer system.

The tasks are:

- Provides the abstraction level for resources such as memory, processors, and I/O devices.
-Performs inter process communication
-Responds to system calls
-Provides methods for synchronization and communication between processes.


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