What are the major factors influencing buying behavior?

What are the major factors influencing buying behavior?

The factors influencing buying behavior can be categorized into:

a. Personal factors,
b. Psychological factors
c. Social factors.

Personal factors can be related to the persons age, sex , race, religion, occupation, educational qualifications, level of authority etc.

Psychological factors refer to motives related to the satisfying of needs and wants which can either arise out of deprivation or for instant social status.

Social factors refer to the physiological and social level of hierarchy in the society the consumer belongs to, which determine his motives of purchasing a product.
What are the stages of buying decision process?
Stages of buying decision process - Information search, Evaluation of Alternatives, Purchase decision, Purchase and Post-Purchase Evaluation....
Business market and Consumer market
Business market in simple words is business to business market where in the products or services of a particular organization....
Who are the major participants in business buying process?
The major participants in business buying process are - initiators, users, influencers, deciders, approvers and buyers.....
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