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.NET exception handling

.NET exception handling - Interview questions

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Describe how exceptions are handled by the CLR?

Usually the exceptions that occur in the try are caught in the catch block. The finally is used to do all the cleaning up work. But exceptions can occur even in the finally block.................      

How to throw a custom exception?     

The usual try - catch - finally - ent try format has to be followed. However, in this case, instead of using the preset exceptions from the System.Exception..............

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ASP.NET Exception Handling 

Here you have details about exception handling and ways to handle exception in ASP.NET. It also includes brief detail of Try/catch block, Error Events and Custom Error Pages.

Difference between System exceptions and Application exceptions.

Application exceptions can be user defined exceptions thrown by the application.............

What is Finalize method in .NET?

Object.Finalize method in .NET is typically used to clean and release unmanaged resources like OS files, window etc............

Overview of ADO.NET architecture.

Data Provider provides objects through which functionalities like opening and closing connection, retrieving and updating data can be availed.............

Difference between dataset and datareader.

DataSet object can contain multiple rowsets from the same data source as well as from the relationships between them..........

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