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What are design patterns? Define basic classification of patterns.

A design pattern in Software is used to solve similar problems that occur in different scenarios.

What is the difference between Factory and Abstract Factory Patterns?

The difference between Factory and Abstract Factory Patterns lies in object instantiation. In Abstract factory pattern Composition..........

What is MVC pattern?

Model View Controller is used to separate the interface from the business logic so as to give a better visual appearance..............

How can we implement singleton pattern in .NET?

Singleton pattern restricts only one instance running for an object..........

How do you implement prototype pattern in .NET?

Prototype pattern is used to create copies of original instances known as clones. It is used when creating instances of a class is very complex.......

What is aspect oriented programming? What is cross cutting in AOP?

When A computer program is broken into distinct features that overlap in functionality is called as Separation of concerns. Aspect oriented programming (AOP) aims to improve the.........

What is Windows DNA architecture?

Windows Distributed internet Applications architecture provides a robust, efficient solution to enable Windows platform.........

What is Service Oriented architecture?

Service oriented architecture is based on services. Service is a unit of some task performed by a service provider in order to satisfy the consumer.............

What is three tier architecture?

Three tier architecture typically consists of a client, server and “agent” between them. The agent is responsible for gathering the results and returning..............

Explain the situations you will use a Web Service and Remoting in projects.

Web services should be used if the application demands communication over a public network and require to work across multiple platforms......................

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Overview of ADO.NET architecture.

Data Provider provides objects through which functionalities like opening and closing connection, retrieving and updating data can be availed.............

.Net Framework 

This includes introduction of .Net framework, .Net framework architecture, role of assembly and GAC.

ASP.NET 2.0 Web Parts Framework

ASP.NET 2.0 ships with a Web Parts Framework that provides the infrastructure and the building blocks required for creating modular web pages that can be easily customized by the users. You can use Web Parts to create portal pages that aggregate different types of content, such as static text, links, and content that can change at runtime..................

.NET Assembly 

This article explains .Net assembly, private and shared assembly, satellite assemblies, resource-only assembly, ResourceManager class, strong name, global assembly cache.

Model View Controller

we will learn about MVC design patterns, and how Microsoft has made our lives easier by creating the ASP.NET MVC framework for easier adoption of MVC patterns in our web applications...............

Differences between “DataSet” and “DataReader”.

DataSet object can contain multiple rowsets from the same data source as well as from the relationships between them.......

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