Networking - What are Passive and Acitve route states?

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Networking - What are Passive and Acitve route states? - June 10, 2009 at 20:00 pm by Vidya Sagar

What are Passive and Acitve route states?

An operational route’s normal condition is known as ‘Passive State’. The router will not seek to replace a lost route, when it is in the normal condition. At the time of a router is aware of a route in the route table becomes invalid, DUAL is run on the topology table, and a search for feasible successor is performed.

A router states is said to be ‘Active State’, when the feasible successor is not found. The DUAL diffuses the computation by sending the query packets to some other routers as part of attempting to find a replacement path to the network. A route is considered as ‘stuck in active’ when the replies to queries of an active route are not received.

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