What is a JOIN? Explain types of JOIN in oracle


What is a JOIN? Types of JOIN in oracle

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Oracle - What is a JOIN? Explain types of JOIN in oracle - Feb 07, 2010 at 14:20 PM by Shuchi Gauri

What is a JOIN? Explain types of JOIN in oracle.

A JOIN is used to match/equate different fields from 2 or more tables using primary/foreign keys. Output is based on type of Join and what is to be queries i.e. common data between 2 tables, unique data, total data, or mutually exclusive data.

Types of JOINS:

Simple JOIN

SELECT p.last_name, t.deptName FROM person p, dept t WHERE p.id = t.id;

Find name and department name of students who have been allotted a department

Inner/Equi/Natural JOIN

SELECT * from Emp INNER JOIN Dept WHERE Emp.empid=Dept.empid

Extracts data that meets the JOIN conditions only. A JOIN is by default INNER unless OUTER keyword is specified for an OUTER JOIN.

Outer Join

SELECT distinct * from Emp LEFT OUTER JOIN Dept Where Emp.empid=Dept.empid

It includes non matching rows also unlike Inner Join.


SELECT a.name,b.name from emp a, emp b WHERE a.id=b.rollNumber

Joining a Table to itself.

Oracle - What is a JOIN? Explain types of JOIN in oracle - April 10, 2009 at 11:00 AM

What is a JOIN? Explain types of JOIN in oracle.  

A join is a query that extracts data from two or more tables, views or snapshots.

Types of JOIN
This is represented by (=) sign. This join retrieves information by using equality condition.

If sign other than =, then it is non-equi join.

Self join is a join type between a row of a table to another row of the same table.

This type fetches the row that matches the join condition and rows that don’t match the join condition.

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