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RMI,Remote Method Invocation

RMI - marshalling and demarshalling - August 09, 2008 at 18:10 pm by Amit Satpute

Explain marshalling and demarshalling.
What is Object Activation?

Explain marshalling and demarshalling.

During communication between two machines through RPC or RMI, parameters are packed into a message and then sent over the network. This packing of parameters into a message is called marshalling. On the other side these packed parameters are unpacked from the message which is called unmarshalling.

What is Object Activation?

Object Activation is a process of providing persistent references to the objects. It also includes the managing the execution of implementing of objects. RMI activates the objects for the execution as and when needed. The appropriate execution is initiated inside the appropriate JVM when the activatable remote object is accessed which is not currently running.


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What is the role of Remote Interface in RMI?

Answer - Remote interfaces are defined by extending ,an interface........

What is a skeleton in RMI?

Answer - Server side stub is refered to as a skeleton........

Explain the diffference between RMI registry and OSAgent.

Answer - RMI registry is the binder for Java RMI. An instance of RMI registry.........

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