Bluetooth vs Infrared


Bluetooth vs Infrared

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Bluetooth - List the differences between Bluetooth vs Infrared. - May 04, 2010 at 18:55 pm by Vidya Sagar

List the differences between Bluetooth vs Infrared. 

The following are the differences between Bluetooth and Infrared;

Versatility: Bluetooth devices could work together; where as infrared devices need to be specially designed for specific devices.

Orientation: Infrared devices are direct line-of-sight; where as Bluetooth devices could communicate even in times of separation by obstacles. Security: Bluetooth is less secure than infrared due to the omnidirectional nature; where as infrared signals could only be intercepted by a device.

Range: Class 3 bluetooth devices works at about 30 feet; while infrared is rated at 3 feet.

Connectivity: One-to-one connections are made by infrared devices, while Bluetooth devices can form when all the devices have identified themselves to each other. 

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