Are you a team player?

Asked by: Guest - 12 Aug 16
The interviewer wanted to know whether I am a team player, the answer is a ‘yes’. But how to frame this reply?

Our expert said - 12 Aug 16
The candidates need to affirm that ‘yes’ they are a team player. Nobody can succeed alone in the society. We need others to help us at some point to complete our task. The more we are compassionate with others, the easy would be the work. Respecting the co-employees and making sure not to hurt their self-respect and dignity ever itself makes one as a part of the team.

The candidate can quote a few success examples from their past career where they have excelled as a team. They can also show acknowledgements from their co-workers, if any, to have worked together in peace. The candidate can explain the strengths and benefits of working as a team, a unit to get support and better performance in togetherness.

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