Asked by: JAYA BHARTI - 06 Jul 17
sir please tell me when interviewer ask me salary expectation then what i say
Our expert said - 10 Jul 17
This is an extremely important question and needs proper handling.

1. Try not to be the first one to talk about salary.
2. You can ask the interviewer, what salary do they offer for a position like this. May be, it will get you some clue.
3. There might come times where you are required to spell out a figure. For this, ensure that you have researched the company and industry standards for this position. This will help you in judging your own worth.
4. Now offer a range. For example, if you mean to say 36 K, say something around mid-thirties.
Tip: Don't keep the range too broad...otherwise there will be high chances of you being offered something towards the lower end.

Hope this helps!

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