Handling a larger company

Asked by: Guest - 12 Aug 16
I work in a smaller sized company having some 200 employees and the one I applied was a considerably larger organization. I being in the managerial role, my previous interviewer asked whether I could handle a larger unit and somehow not convinced by a simple ‘Yes’. How to give a convincing reply?

Our expert said - 12 Aug 16
It would be an expected question by the larger firm to check whether the candidate is capable of handling their level of organizational set-up, especially when they know that the candidate is coming up from relatively small sized company. It is not necessary that the candidate who had been handling lesser employees cannot handle and accommodate more people under their supervision.

A good manager is the one who has the potential to manage their staff, to guide and supervise them and show them their strength and weakness to work upon. A huge set-up would mean more people divided in different teams to be supervised. Rather than a simple ‘Yes’, the candidate should try to put forth their managerial qualities and if possible, site some examples from previous career to showcase the talent and potential which had been put forth in the benefit of the organization. Candidate should also explain the importance of the role played and their stand in the development of the organization.

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