Have you ever been fired?

Asked by: Guest - 19 Aug 16
An interviewer politely asked me whether I had ever been asked to leave any organization in the past. Actually yes, I had once been falsely framed for misconduct. But I don’t want that false blame on me to reflect on my job. What should I do?

Our expert said - 19 Aug 16
It is sad to have been framed falsely for mis-conduct. A false charge can prove fatal and spoil the career. The big organizations do go for a background check with the previous employers, but it is not necessary that they chase every past employer for every selected candidate. It is purely fate that the check gets conducted with that specific organization or not. This leaves the candidate in dilemma whether or not to reveal the truth.

It would be always better to reveal the fact and provide a convincing explanation, rather than concealing the things. The candidate should be equally polite in their reply that they had been asked to leave by one of the previous employers and also provide the scenario the things took shape and the candidate had been falsely charged for misconduct. The candidate should make sure that their reply and justification is convincing and the interviewer is satisfied by the explanation. Candidate can avoid naming the organization, but it would not be fatal even naming the same provided the candidate appears confident of their truth and have not concealed any bit of the information. If the candidate is sure they have provided all the details and given the name of the organization, the interviewer might get a confidence of the candidate’s point of justification. Going through a background check might not leave the candidate at darkness in such a scenario.

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