Longer stand in last company. Why no switch over?

Asked by: Guest - 12 Aug 16
The interviewer was curious about my longer service of 11 years in my last company. the way he put forth 'why no change over so long' seem as if he had doubt regarding my potential. What should be an apt reply to this?

Our expert said - 12 Aug 16
A longer term in a company either means that the employee is satisfied with his job and enumeration and appreciations earned from the company which has kept him stand all that long. Or the employee is incapable of getting selected anywhere else, which means the candidate lacks the actual potential which has devoid him of getting a better opportunity. It is obvious for the interviewer to understand the capabilities of the candidate.

The candidate should inform the interviewer regarding their role and stand in the previous company. they should be informed of the perks and appreciations being awarded from time-to-time which held them back. The working environment and family support also becomes the valid reason for the employees to stick to their organization. But, the candidate should be ready for the next question that why does the candidate want a switch over now. Again it could be framed up like the saturation of the profile with no new challenges coming up for a long time has made the candidate reach this decision.

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