What can you do differently?

Asked by: Guest - 12 Aug 16
I was asked about my performance parameters and then asked what different can I do if I am offered to choose my career as per my requirements. What could be a smart answer to this question?

Our expert said - 12 Aug 16
Doing things differently means expressing the hidden talent. A good candidate is the one who always has something in the store. This is what the interviewer looks out for. The interviewer has learnt the candidate’s previous experiences, they want to know the chain of thoughts and flow of ideas in the candidate. An enthusiastic candidate would always have some new ideas for any role offered.

It could be the role that is being offered which would provide new flush of ideas. When asked career of choice, it should be the one which could provide new interesting challenges every now and then to keep up the spirit of working employee and provide them satisfaction and appreciation for their efforts and work. Now the first part of the question can be answered easily, that every profile and new role has some new challenges and these challenges make the candidate think differently every time to get to a appropriate resolution. Being successful so far in the career through their working pattern, the candidate can try to convince the interviewer of their caliber.

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