Would you retire now if you have enough money?

Asked by: Guest - 19 Aug 16
What should be the perfect answer when the interviewer asks my intention to retire with enough money at hand?

Our expert said - 19 Aug 16
Retirement is personal interest. It is a known fact that everyone either works to satisfy their personal interest or to earn income to run their living. Now, this depends on the candidate whether they would prefer to get retired or not immediately with this offer at hand. Both, getting retired and otherwise can be very well justified.

Having ample amount of money at hand means that the candidate is no longer in a position to go for employment forcibly. If they choose to work, it would be for their physical and mental fitness. A blank mind might stop working and lead to a vegetative stage soon which would not be a healthy living. So, every person need to maintain some level of physical activity for their fitness and healthy living.

The candidate would be happy to retire out of hectic schedule and stressful life, but they have a few options at hand to have activity in life. They can either check out some easy going job; or they can chase their field of interest which they could hardly devote time for in their survival of fittest schedule; or they can go for some NGOs and social awareness activity and service for helping others; or any other work of their interest. The candidate just need to have a valid justification for their choice.

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