Scope of Management accounting


Scope of Management accounting

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Scope of Management accounting posted by Rajani Sharma

What is the scope of Management accounting?

Following is the scope of Management Accounting:

1) Financial Accounting
2) Cost Accounting
3) Revaluation accounting
4) Control Accounting
5) Marginal Costing
6) Budgetary Control
7) Financial Planning and
8) Break Even Analysis
9) Decision accounting:
10) Reporting
11) Taxation
12) Audit

What are the various techniques used to discharge the function of management accounting?

Following are the technique used to discharge the function of management accounting:
1) Marginal Costing
2) Budgetary Control
3) Standard Costing
4) Uniform Costing

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i am very low standard for business accounting. confuse for debit credit system. please help me....

Ramesh kumar behera 02-10-2013 08:55 AM


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