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1)   Abeyance
- Published on 22 Feb 17

a. Suspension
b. Persistence
c. Continuation
d. Rigid
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ANSWER: Suspension

Meaning: Abeyance is a temporary stop to something or a pause.

Example: Due to budget cuts, employer contributions to retirement accounts are being put in abeyance.

Synonyms: Discontinuation, Dormancy, Inactivity, intermission

Antonyms: Continuation, Action, Activity, Operation

2)   Aesthetic
- Published on 22 Feb 17

a. Mediocre
b. Prevalent
c. Ugly
d. Beautiful
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ANSWER: Beautiful

Meaning: Aesthetic means the pleasant, positive or artful appearance of a person or a thing.

Example: You should now focus on the aesthetic factors of your art collection.

Synonyms: Artistic, Creative, Artful, Gorgeous

Antonyms: Displeasing, Ugly, Unattractive

3)   Imbecile
- Published on 13 Feb 17

a. Sane
b. Astute
c. Foolish
d. Aid
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ANSWER: Foolish

Meaning: An imbecile is foolish or isn’t very smart.

Example: He convinced the police officer not to arrest the drunken imbecile.

Synonyms: Simple, Stupid, Thick, Dull

Antonyms: Intelligent, Smart, Brainy

4)   Epitome
- Published on 13 Feb 17

a. Precise
b. Summary
c. Spurn
d. Exemplar
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ANSWER: Exemplar

Meaning: Epitome is defined as a person or object that is defined as a perfect example of something.

Example: The hotel is epitome of grandeur and elegance.

Synonyms: Perfect Example, Exemplar, Embodiment, Apotheosis

Antonyms: Addition, Enlargement, Expansion, Extension

5)   Calumny
- Published on 13 Feb 17

a. Libel
b. Vindication
c. Dissent
d. Commendation
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Meaning: Calumny is the making of false statements that damage another's reputation.

Example: That blog is just a forum for calumny and rumors.

Synonyms: Slander, Defamation, Lie, Libel

Antonyms: Acclaim, Accolade, Adoration, Commendation

6)   Chimera
- Published on 13 Feb 17

a. Chimney
b. Protest
c. Illusion
d. Panache
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ANSWER: Illusion

Meaning: It refers to an impossible or foolish fancy.

Chimera is a fire-breathing female monster in Greek myths with the head of a lion, the body of a goat, and the tail of a serpent.

Example: My little girl believes unicorns are real and not a chimera.

Synonyms: Dream, Fantasy, Delusion, Fancy

Antonyms: Fact, Certainty, Reality, Truth

7)   Placate
- Published on 13 Feb 17

a. Pity
b. Embroil
c. Appease
d. Amuse
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ANSWER: Appease

Meaning: Placate is defined as to soothe someone who is angry or upset.

Example: I don’t need you to placate me.

Synonyms: Satisfy, Appease, Mollify, Pacify, Soothe

Antonyms: Agitate, Incite, Irritate, Provoke

8)   Dissolute
- Published on 13 Feb 17

a. Distant
b. Repulsive
c. Honest
d. Immoral
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ANSWER: Immoral

Meaning: Dissolute is immoral and involved in improper conduct

Example: You must stay away from that dissolute boy.

Synonyms: Corrupt, Degenerate, Indulgent,

Antonyms: Chaste, Moral, Good, Resolute, Virtuous

9)   Abridge
- Published on 13 Feb 17

a. Abort
b. Span
c. Shorten
d. Cross
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ANSWER: Shorten

Meaning: Abridge means to reduce or condense the size or scope.

Example: Abridged version of this text is available on

Synonyms: Shorten, Truncate, Curtail, Abbreviate

Antonyms: Expand, Extend, Increase, Lengthen

10)   Gregarious
- Published on 13 Feb 17

a. Social
b. Shag
c. Single
d. Blend
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ANSWER: Social

Meaning: The meaning of gregarious is people or animals that are very social and enjoy being in crowds.

Someone who's outgoing, sociable, and fond of the company of others.

Example: This insect is gregarious and nocturnal

Synonyms: Friendly, Affable, Sociable, Cordial

Antonyms: Unfriendly, Cold, Introverted, Unsociable

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