Difference between conceptual, logical and physical design

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Microsoft solution framework - Explain the difference between conceptual, logical and physical design - Aug 11, 2009 at 19:00 pm by Shuchi Guari

Explain the difference between conceptual, logical and physical design 

Conceptual: Business requirements are translated into common language to be understood by users and developers. It is created by architect and customer together. There is no technical aspect involved. This phase brings out the user's requirements.

Logical: all the scenarios are broken into basic elements. Decisions are made about how the interaction and integration would take place between these elements. This phases brings out all the logical errors that might occur while integration of various system components.

Physical: Decisions are made and ways are found about how to implement the logical design successfully. The technology used to implement the design is decided in physical design phase. This brings out the constraints found during the implementation.  

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