What is Packet, Cell and Circuit Switched Technology?

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Networking - Explain What is Packet Switched, Cell Switched and Circuit Switched Technology - Jan 30, 2010 at 18:00 pm by Vidya Sagar

Explain What is Packet Switched, Cell Switched and Circuit Switched Technology. 

Packet Switching: A method of transmitting data group with the concern of content, type or structure into suitably-sized blocks. Data packets are shared in a shared network which route each packet independently from others. The core objective of packet switching is to optimize the usage of available link capacity and robustness of communication improvement.

Cell Switching: The process of packet switching is resembles in cell switching. The difference is the packets length is fixed. ATM technology is popular for packet switching.

Circuit Switching: Resembles the same process that of cell switching and difference is the process of setting up the circuit itself is the part of the process. Between two parties, the channel is setup, through which the data is transmitted and the channel is torn down soon after the data transmission. Circuit switching technology is familiar to use in CCNA candidates in ISDN. 

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