What is paging? Why paging is used? - operating system

What is paging? Why paging is used?

Paging is a memory management technique in which the memory is divided into fixed size pages. Paging is used for faster access to data. When a program needs a page, it is available in the main memory as the OS copies a certain number of pages from your storage device to main memory. Paging allows the physical address space of a process to be noncontiguous.

What is paging? Why paging is used?

OS performs an operation for storing and retrieving data from secondary storage devices for use in main memory. Paging is one of such memory management scheme. Data is retrieved from storage media by OS, in the same sized blocks called as pages. Paging allows the physical address space of the process to be non contiguous. The whole program had to fit into storage contiguously.

Paging is to deal with external fragmentation problem. This is to allow the logical address space of a process to be noncontiguous, which makes the process to be allocated physical memory.

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I am also not satisfied paging defination.
Rajan kr singh 04-9-2016
my question is that , what is pages in ram (program,executed program what is it).
Vikas Singh Kachwaya 12-1-2015
paging is a memory management technique , by which we can release or we can say freed our primary memory , by shifting pages to the secondary memory , once the pages are moved from primary to secondary memory , the system will work more faster ,
abuzar fazili 11-22-2015
This is a correct defination for paging.
When a computer runs out of RAM, the operating system (OS) will move pages of memory over to the computer's hard disk to free up RAM for other processes. This ensures that the operating system will never run out of memory and crash.
Vaibhav Patil 10-27-2015
os is an provide interface between user computer hardware
ravi 10-16-2015
computer is the fast calculating devic it is also known as a data processor because it can store process
Alok kumar mishra 04-2-2015
operating system
os is providing interface b/w user hardware and software is called operating system
Alok kumar mishra 04-2-2015
explain in detail no??
not clear
anusha 11-28-2014
i am satisfied your answer
shivam singj 11-24-2014
As per the computer science student...
Pagination is a memory management technique in which logical/virtual memory is is divided into blocks called pages and main memory/RAM/physical memory is divided into fixed sizes blocks called frames. So pages size must be equal to frame size. It is used for faster access to data
Deeksha verma 05-4-2014
computer science
please write the types of paging in detail
majid khan 01-12-2014
Not satishfied with this ans.itz not sufficient for any computer science student.so any one plz mention perfect ans.
gyananjaya 10-26-2013
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its nt a sffcient answr fr any computer student....
nidhi sharma 04-1-2013
i thing it is correct........
manwendra tiwari 12-9-2012
Paging mistake
Please i want u to tell me the types of paging mistake that often make in report of young scientist
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i am not satisfied with your answer....
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