Sample CV format - sample curriculum vitae - Sample 1


Sample CV format - sample curriculum vitae - Sample 1

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Shekhar Dhawan
Mobile: 09856764422

Seeking senior-level positions in Taxation with a growth oriented organisation.


  • A competent professional with nearly 2 years of extensive experience in the areas of Taxation
  • Adroit at undertaking comprehensive reviews of tax updations
  • Keen analyst with good negotiation & relationship management skills
  • An effective communicator with excellent relationship building skills and proven ability to support & sustain a positive work environment towards accomplishment of organizational goals.

Employment Profile

Since April’10 with E&Y, Pune as Senior Executive - Direct Taxes

Key Highlights

  • Analysed and Prepared the Budget 2012 document
  • Shouldered responsibility of preparing ‘DTC Analysis’ and ‘Representation to Government on DTC’; conducted Detailed Analysis of:
  • Controlled Foreign Company Clause
  • Place of Effective Management.
  • General Anti-Avoidance Rules.
  • Treaty Override.
  • Indirect transfer of Assets in India.
  • Instrumental in preparing ‘Investing in India’ yearly document encompassing modalities (including Tax and regulatory aspects) of setting up business in India.
  • Efficiently prepared summary of important tax decisions along with comment (Flash News).
  • Shouldered responsibility of preparing India Tax Konnect-Monthly Tax and regulatory magazine covering important Tax and regulatory decisions of the month.
  • Analysed various clauses of OECD Tax Treaty Clauses and commentary including permanent establishment, mutual agreement procedures, etc.
  • Accountable for preparing presentations on Limitation of Benefits and Anti-Avoidance, Place of Effective Management, Taxation of Derivatives, Section 56 (2) (Viia), Vodafone (Supreme Court Ruling) and Aditya Birla Nuvo (Bombay High Court).


  • Chartered Accountancy from ICAI in 2009.
  • B.Com. from Garware College of Commerce, pune in 2007 with 82% marks.

Articleship Training

Jan’07 – Mar’10 with Dargad & Co., Pune

Key Highlights:

  • Income Tax Return filing of Corporates, Partnership Firms and Individuals.
  • Preparing detailed submissions for Scrutiny Assessments and Appellate Proceedings.
  • TDS Assessments.
  • Documentation for Foreign Remittances.
  • Statutory Audit of Private Limited Companies like Polycab Wires Private Ltd.
  • Internal Audit of Gandhi Special Tubes Ltd.
  • VAT computation, Audit, return filing and procedural aspects including registration.

IT Skills

Well versed with MS Office, Windows and Internet Applications.

Personal Details

Date of Birth XXXXX
Permanent Address XXXXX
Languages Known English, Hindi, Marathi 

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Sample CV format

Sanjeev Agarwal


To be a Sincere and Loyal employee and want to serve my Institute with Latest Technologies plus Management thoughts and hone my skills through continuous learning process & upgrade myself according to the corporate trends and be fruitful to any organization I work with.


Operating System - DOS, Windows 98, Windows2007, Windows Xp, UNIX
Languages - VB, Java, Advance Java, C#, VB.Net, C, C++, EJB
Database - Oracle 9i , SQL Server, PL/SQL,MySql
Web Technologies - J2EE, Servlets, VB Script, Java Script, Perl, CGI
Others - RDBMS, Data Structures, SDLC, ERP, SCM, CRM, Networking
Framework - Hibernate, Struts






-Sun Java Certified Professional, jdk 1.4(June 2006)
-1 Yr GNIIT Diploma From NIIT.(July 2000)
-Certification In Core Java from NIIT, Raipur.(Oct 2000)
-Certification In VB.NET from SEED Infotech, Pune.(Oct-2004)

-Conduct Online Class Room sessions and Practical for Diploma Batches.
-Take fast-track Batches for Java.
-Designing the session break for all software batches.
-Conduct batches for Core Java, Advance Java ,EJB,Hibernate,Struts,Spring,etc.


Company - Kirloskar Oils Engines Ltd. Nasik (May 2002)
Environment - Windows 98
Tools - Front End : VB 6.0
Back End - Oracle.

Project Details - This Project includes the computerization of manual payroll system. Maintenance of Master database, files and generation of reports and payslip.


Project Client - Tirupati Enterprises
Environment - Windows 98
Tools - Front End : VB 6.0 Back End : Oracle
Project Details - This Project includes the computerization of manual Billing system. Maintenance of the master database, files and generation of reports and Bills
Role - Analyst and Asst. Programmer

Responsibilities - Analyzing the existing system, designing the interface, coding and testing the software.
Project Client - Shiv Shakti Agencies
Environment - Windows 98
Tools - Front End : VB 6.0 Back End : Oracle
Project Details - This Project includes the computerization of manual Inventory, Sales, Purchase, Billing, Stock Maintenance of the Medico Shop. Maintenance of
the master database, files and generation of reports, Sales-Purchase order slip and Bill.
Role - Analyst and Asst. Programmer
Responsibilities - Analyzing the existing system, designing the interface, coding and testing the Software.


-An Effective Communicator & Leader with excellent Planning, Organizing & Co-ordination skills & team-oriented approach coupled with an ability to manage stress, time and people effectively.
-Innovative in thinking approaches coupled with a capacity to excel against all odds.
-Capability of working for hours and strong will power.


Date of Birth

Sample CV format 10-8-2012 02:20 AM

Sample CV format

Santosh Jain
Mobile # +91-XXXXXXXXXXX


Oracle, Core Java, J2EE,J2SE, Java Script, Servlets, HTML, ASP, MS Access, VBA and Windows 2008 Server, D2k,Xml,Css,Xslt,Xsl, XSD,Webservices,Design Pattern,Structs,Spring,Hibernate,JSF,Hadoop,Ajax


-To obtain any responsible and challenging position where my education and work experience will have valuable application to achieve your company's goal in IT either Anywhere in Middle East, India,UK,USA,Japan,Australia,Canada,Denmark,Singapore or Overseas and that enables to learn and allows for further advancement or Any suitable position. Looking for a Permanent and Long-Term Assignment.
-Looking for Any Suitable Position in IT or Position such as a Project Manager/Leader or Team Lead or senior level Position.
-To apply software technical and architectural skills in a position that demands intelligence and strategic planning


-Bilingual MBA-Level IT professional with around 11+ Yrs, of experience in IT of which relevant experience is 7 + yrs , Onsite exp in JAPAN, Business Trip/Offshore To USA,South Korea.
-Team player, Good interpersonal communication skills, Leadership qualities, Good listener and Learner too.
-Functional expertise encompasses both Technology and Business-function and Extensive academic/speculative knowledge in Business Management. Techno Management Professional
-Expertise in Java, ASP, JDBC, JSDK/JSWDK, J2SE SDK 1.4.2, XML, Oracle, Win 95/98/XP/2000 Server, Vista,Win7, Front-End with HTML, Java Script, D2K, MS Access 2000 VBA
-Good understanding of all phases of SDLC and methodologies, project review and Documentation
-Onsite Experience In Japan for around 6+ Years.


- Master of Business Administration (Distance Education) with specialization in Management Information Systems, Madurai Kama raj University, Madurai, India in 2009.
-Bachelor of Computer Science, N.M.S.S.V.N College, Madurai Kama raj University, Madurai, India in 1995.


-Working as a Java/J2EEConsultant for M/s.Business Coordination Ltd (Japanese MNC) Since April 2008 until date on Core Java/J2EE platform for a Japanese Buyer. Online Examination System, Japanese Version.
-Systems Analyst, (Production Support using Japanese language), Support, Maintenance ,Team Member Management and Coordination, Project Leader Role, SATYAM Computer Services Ltd, Chennai-India, Aug 2006 ~Until Dec 2007
-System Tester duties include Project Coordinator, DB management, installation and OJT on RT Linux, Global Confidence, Tokyo-Japan, Nov’ 05 Until April’06
-Systems Engineer, K.K. DGIC, Tokyo-Japan, July ’03 Until Aug’05
-Project Leader, Shecom K.K, Tokyo-Japan, April’02 Until April’03
-Programmer Analyst, MedUSA Systems Pvt Ltd., Chennai-India, Dec'98 Until Mar‘02


OS/Platforms - MS Windows 3.11,95/98/NT/2000 Server, /Vista, Win 7, MS DOS 6.22,SCO UNIX, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, 2008
Programming Languages - Core JAVA
Markup Language - HTML, XML 2.0/XSL, CSS, XSLT
RDBMS - Oracle V7.1/9i/10g,11g, MS-Access 2007, SQL Server 2005, 2008
Adv Internet Technology - EJB 3.0, 3.1, JDBC 2.0
Server-Side Scripting - ASP 3.0, Servlets 2.1, 2.2, 2.5, Java Script, VB Script
Web Server - Java Web Server 2.0, W/L Server 4.5, 9/10/11.* IIS 5.0, Servlet 2.4, Apache 2.0
Servlet Container - Tomcat 4.1.24, 5.5, 7.05
Application Server - IBM Web sphere 6.1, 7.0. JBoss 4.0, 4.2
Front-Ends - Developer 2000 (Forms 4.5/Report 2.5)


Duration - April 2008~Till Date
Environment - Java/J2EE,Servlets,Oracle,HTML,Apache,Eclipse, Struts, Hadoop
Team Size - 2
Role - Java/J2ee Consultant

Description - Online examination system is a for a Japanese buyer which is being developed using Japanese version. The main objective is to create objective type technical questions know as Japanese Language Proficiency Examination. Japanese characters like Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji were displayed in the page for the candidate to select the option of selecting the characters.

Duration - August 2006~ Dec 2007
Environment - ASP.Net, Windows XP, SQL Server 2005, C#.Net
Team Size - 6
Role - Project Leader,(Production Support using Japanese language), Support, Maintenance ,Team Member Management and Coordination.
Description - RAW is a product developed for ML. Providing support of this product to the client (Merrill Lynch).Co-ordination with the Client mainly using Japanese Language and issue solving. Supporting the team members especially using Japanese. Playing a major role in Japanese Language. (Production Support using Japanese language), Support, Maintenance and Team Member Management and Coordination with the Japanese ML team.


Date of birth
Permanent Address-Plot No.3, Bharathiar 5th Street, S.S. Colony,

Sample CV format 10-8-2012 02:14 AM

Sample CV format

Dheeraj Singh
Mobile no.: XXXXXXXXXX

Career Summary

-7.1 Years of consolidated IT industry experience in Java/J2EE Technologies.
-Excellence in IT Solution Architecting, Project management, Requirements Gathering, System Analysis, Use Case modeling, Estimation, Application & System Architecting and Design.
-Thorough understanding of complete software life cycle, System Analysis, Impact Analysis on existing Systems, Estimation, UML modeling/designing (OOA & OOD)
-Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP 1.5)
-Sun Certified Web component Developer (SCWCD 1.5)
-HCL Certified Scrum Professional HCSP (Agile Scrum)
-Having Onsite Experience
-Estimation Method (e.g. FPA)
-Excellent problem solving and communication skills
-Having good exposure to SDLC and Agile (Scrums) Methodology
-Having good exposure on working with Agile project management tools like Scrum, Scrum works Pro
-Direct Customer interaction experience and RFP Response.
-Proficiency in Architect, Design, developing Enterprise application system. Experience in implementation knowledge of Core Java, Swing/Docking, JSP/Servlets, Struts1.2, Spring IOC

Technical Skills


Languages - Core Java, UML2.0, Swing/Docking, JSP/Servlets, AJAX, XML,XSL, XSLT, JavaScript, JSON, Hibernate, SQL
J2EE Design Pattern - MVC, Front Controller, Singleton, Factory Pattern & DAO
Framework - Struts1.2, Spring IOC, Tapestry5 , Web Start and Cocoon
Databases - Oracle10g, 11g
Estimation Method - FPA
Design Tools - Visio, yEd graph editor, MyEclipse, Rational Rose (Enterprise Edition)
Application Server - Tomcat, JRun, Web Sphere, Web Logic
Design Methodologies - OOA & OOD , AOP
Project Configuration - SVN, Clear Case, Clear Quest
Platforms - Windows,Linux
Development IDE Eclipse, My Eclipse
Tools - ANT, Maven, Hudson, Toad, DB Vizuailizer, Cognos7.3, Cognos7.4,Toad,yEd, Log4j, JUnit, JMock, SVN

Employment Details


Educational Qualification


Project Experience Summary

Project Name & Description - XXXXXXX

Project Description

Focus is UNHCR’s software to support Results-based management. UNHCR has developed this application to allow UNHCR support team and field officers to track the assessment of situation for an operation on yearly basis.
The Focus client allows to capture the assessment of the situation of each population of concern in terms of prioritized needs, to plan an operation that responds to these needs, and then to use the plan and its targets as the basis for managing the operation and for viewing and reporting on the progress being achieved, in a way that is consistent across operations
The major goal of UNHCR’s Focus application is to achieve for each of its populations of concern, and ensures that all financial, material and human resources required by the operation can be clearly linked to these intended results. Both at the operational and the global level it allows UNHCR teams to track their impact, performance and expenditure against these same targets, helps them to prioritize the investment of their efforts and resources, and points to where gains in efficiency and greater overall impact can be realized.


As a Technical Lead- Architect I have the multiple responsibilities including participation in requirements gathering and analysis, get approval of SRS, design of the system architecture, design of the system application, implementation of the application, integration of the system, system and UAT testing, delivery, deployment and maintenance.
Do the System Analysis based on the new Business requirements and perform the Impact Analysis on the existing system. Make the technical design for the sub-systems. Implementation/coding are done with the development team. After various testing the modules are integrated into the production system.

My Role:
- Requirements gathering and Analysis.
- Design of System Architecture and Application,
- Implementation & coordinate the activities of the team during all phases of the software development life cycle. Assist the developers during coding when needed.
- Do various documentations and code reviews
- System testing with team
- Perform integration and do the integration testing with team.
- Work with the Senior Project manager to achieve the project milestones and deliver the project
- Interact with the sales team and business analysts during System Analysis to check the implementation feasibility and get to know the requirements of customer in detail.

Personal Details

Date of birth

Sample CV format 10-8-2012 02:07 AM

Sample CV format

Jeevan Das
Email -
Mobile No.
Location -


Getting an opportunity to work for your organization where my knowledge, skills and experience can be utilized at maximum and at same time I can get an opportunity for career advancement and profession growth in the field of IT.

Current Organization -
Current Designation -

Profile Summary:

Total IT training experience 9+ years, since last 5 years I have been in corporate training for core and advance java both. Recently I have handled corporate trainings for Cognizant (Pune), Siemens (Pune & Delhi), University of Kashmir Kashmir, Techno India Rajsthan etc.

Technologies proficient in:

-Core java
-Advance Java ( Servlet & JSP)

Development Tools




Technologies with moderate expertise

- HTML, DHTML, JavaScript
- XML, Design pattern, Spring

Recently some achievements:

-Successful completion of Cognizant in house batches Pune(Jan. 2012).
-Successful completion of GTT in house batches Delhi (Sept.2011) and selected by HCL Rajsthan.
-Successful completion of PLM certification (java parts July, 2011) for Siemens (Pune).
-Worked as Sr java Trainer for BTech (CS) batches of Techno India College Uday Pur Rajsthan.
-Worked as Project Guide for MCA (final semester) batches (May 2011) of University Of Kashmir & where all trainees got job (April, 2011)in India and Saudi Arab country after training.


J2SE & J2EE from ATS Pitam Pura New Delhi.
MCA from Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak.
GNIIT from NIIT, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi.

Personal Strengths

Regular and punctual towards work with commitment.
Tremendous faith to achieve.
Loyalty and Commitment to grow.
Quick learner, determined and Optimistic

Personal Profile: -
Date of Birth
Permanent Address

Sample CV format 10-8-2012 02:02 AM


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